Letter: Shumaila Ahmad, Chantilly

Editor: Between Sept. 17 and Sept. 19, there were four bombing attempts in the New York metropolitan area that shook our nation.

As I watched the news for any update on the situation, I was dismayed to find out that the primary suspect for this heinous attack was identified as Ahmad Khan Rahami, an American Muslim of Afghan descent. It pained me to see a man who identified as a follower of Islam to commit such a horrific act against his country and people, especially since it goes against the basic tenets of his faith.

Islam rejects such an act of terrorism, as evidenced by several commandments in its most important literature, the Holy Quran. Examples of such commandments include: “And create not disorder in the earth…” (7:57), and “… kill not your own selves. Surely Allah is Merciful to you” (4:30). Thus, Islam advocates for peace and harmony, and a true follower of the religion would never resort to such extremism and terror.

Shumaila Ahmad, Chantilly

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