Letter: Rachel Tao, Sterling

Editor: I’m really proud to be represented in the U.S. House by the first woman elected to the 10th District, Barbara Comstock.  She has a strong record of supporting women in all aspects of business, health and education as well as the mentorship of middle and high schoolers.  This is why I was truly disgusted to see the misleading commercial her opponent, LuAnn Bennett, put on television implying that Rep. Comstock has worked against women’s interests on the issue of equal pay.

The fact is that Barbara Comstock has championed the cause for equal opportunities for women throughout her entire career.  Just this year, she was awarded the 2016 Leadership Award by The Women’s Center, a non-profit organization in Vienna providing financial, legal, career and mental health counseling for women.  In 2013 as a State Delegate, she established a Young Leadership Program which has provided mentorship to hundreds of young women by introducing them to inspiring women in business and science and encouraging them to pursue careers in these fields. She has continued to host this program across our District while in Congress. Barbara has no wage gap in her office and actually pays women, on average, more than men, and she has women in charge of her office, while LuAnn just pays women 85 cents on the dollar and has men in charge of her campaign.  Barbara’s record is part of a long record of supporting working women.

LuAnn Bennett doesn’t appear to be aware of what goes on in Virginia’s 10th District.  We, the women who have put down roots here, support Barbara Comstock’s work in Congress.  When we see her opponent’s misleading ads, we know better.  Lu Ann Bennett should know better, too.

Rachel Tao, Sterling

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