Natural Gas Smell Prompts 911 Calls

Loudoun County’s 911 call center reported a large number of calls about a natural gas smell this morning caused by Dominion Transmission.

The smell was part of a scheduled venting, when Dominion released all the gas from pipelines near a Dominion buildings on Cove Point Lane in Leesburg and off Bull Run Post Office Road in Fairfax to allow for pipeline upgrades.

“Dominion (Gas) Transmission is aware that a number of residents in parts of Loudoun County have reported the smell of natural gas odorant,” Dominion stated this morning. “This is the result of scheduled venting that was announced last week that took place this morning. At no time was the public in any danger from the venting operation.”

Venting concluded at 9:45 a.m. today, although Dominion says the odor may linger. If you smell a gas leak, the Loudoun County Fire and Rescue Department urges you to report potential gas leaks or have concerns about the persistent smell for an extended time period. Call 911 or contact Dominion through its website,

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