Letter: Geary M. Higgins, Waterford

Editor: On 9-11, I attended three ceremonies throughout Loudoun County honoring and remembering those 2,977 souls that we lost on that day of infamy. Our Congresswoman, Barbara Comstock was also there with us at ceremonies in Lovettsville, Purcellville and Leesburg. It reminded me that Barbara has been working on these issues regarding the terrorist threats we face, since that very day when a best friend of hers was on the plane that hit the Pentagon.

Barbara understands how important our national security and defense are and she has been a leader advocating for and voting for increasing our national security and defense assets. In her leadership as a Chairwoman of the Research and Technology Committee she has focused on the need for additional cybersecurity resources also. She understands that Northern Virginia—and Loudoun in particular—is uniquely situated to provide for the new cybersecurity assets and workers that will be needed in the battles we face today. She has brought in local experts on cybersecurity and her leadership will allow our leaders in this important industry to respond to increasing terrorist threats here and abroad.

There is bipartisan agreement in that we cannot sustain more defense cuts and Barbara is working hard to make sure that we increase funding – not decrease.  And it’s not only important for our national security – locally it is an issue impacting our economy.

Geary M. Higgins, Waterford

Catoctin District Supervisor

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