Burk, Butler Lead in Campaign Fundraising in Leesburg Races

With Leesburg’s Town Council elections less than two months away, candidates are working to fill their coffers for the stretch run.

The latest campaign finance reports for November’s elections were due Sept. 15, and cover the reporting period from July 1 to Aug. 31. For the most part, the reports show a busy summer season, with many candidates spending almost as much as they were taking in in campaign donations.

Mayor David Butler had one of the strongest summers. He raked in just under $15,000 in contributions during the two-month period, with the largest donation coming from NEW Customer Services Companies founder Fred Schaufeld at $10,000. That was the largest single contribution received by any candidate this reporting period. Butler also spent the most during the last reporting period, with expenditures totaling $5,650. The mayor was the only candidate to have payroll expenses reported for campaign workers. He reports total cash on hand of $12,082.

Mayoral challenger Vice Mayor Kelly Burk reported $11,641 in contributions, with the largest check written by Catoctin Circle dealership Dulles Motorcars at $3,000. She spent $4,073 this reporting period, and reports total cash on hand of $15,329. The final candidate hoping to be Leesburg’s next mayor, former Town Council member Kevin Wright, raised a total of $1,274, with his largest contribution, at $500, coming from Oaklawn, LLC, the developer behind the Oaklawn development near Leesburg Executive Airport. Wright spent $1,295, and reported total cash on hand of $2,038.

Councilman Tom Dunn, one of two council incumbents running for re-election, received a total of $374 in contributions, with the largest contribution coming from land use attorney Mike Banzhaf at $200. He reported $944 in expenditures, and has $6,078 cash on hand. Fellow incumbent Katie Sheldon Hammler received $400 in contributions this period. Her biggest contribution came from Leesburg resident Tony Nerantzis at $200. She reported $100 in expenditures and has total cash on hand of $900.

Council challenger Ron Campbell raked in the largest amount of contributions of any non-incumbent, with both direct and in-kind contributions totaling $4,770. Three donors tied for his largest single contribution at $250: Larry Roper, a professor at Oregon State University; Leesburg resident Tanja Thompson; and Ashburn resident Philip Martin. Campbell spent $2,739.59 and reports total cash on hand of $1,894.28.

Former Town Council member and County Supervisor Ken Reid raised $1,914, with his largest contribution coming from McLean-based developer Kettler at $1,000. His expenditures totaled $1,929. Reid has the largest campaign coffers of any candidate at $26,195.38. In the previous reporting period his campaign finance report lists a contribution of $26,86 from the Friends to Elect Ken Reid campaign committee.

Gwen Pangle raised a total of $475, with her largest single contribution coming from Modern Mechanical CEO Shawn Mitchell of Ashburn, at $250. Pangle spent $876, and reports total cash on hand of $675. John Hilton received $500 this period from a single contributor–McLean resident Joe Bailey. He spent $200 and reports total cash on hand of $360. Evan Macbeth received a total of $1,725 in contributions. He had two donors each give $250, his largest single donations this reporting period: downtown property owner Fabian Saiedi and Dr. Peter Tait, a Silver Spring, MD, resident and physician at Sibley Memorial Hospital. Macbeth spent $3,961, and has total cash on hand of $995.



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