Letter: Maureen Cote, Leesburg

Editor: Great article on how schools are dealing with the increase in allergies. How about a follow-up article on the changes in the number of vaccinations demanded by schools over the years?

Perhaps there is a link between the enormous increase in childhood vaccinations and these food allergies.

When I was a child (over 65 years ago) the only vaccination we got was for smallpox and we suffered through our childhood diseases of chicken pox, whooping cough, measles and mumps and were immune for life. We did not have life-threatening food allergies. In fact, I don’t remember going to school with anyone who had a food allergy.

Immigrants to this country used to be required to prove that they were healthy and not carrying some exotic disease to which native Americans had no immunity. When did we stop monitoring disease “before” it reached our shores?

One cannot help believing that vaccinations are not so much about protecting the young as about increasing the profits of Big Pharma and pediatricians. Without the propaganda which terrorizes parents into overwhelming their toddlers’ immune systems with multiple vaccinations, visits to the pediatricians would be minimal.

Maureen Cote, Leesburg

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