Improvements Coming to Leesburg’s Battlefield Parkway

One of the most highly-trafficked roadways in Leesburg looks to be getting a bit safer, in the area it intersects with the Rt. 15 Bypass.

On Tuesday night, the Leesburg Town Council approved two separate motions related to Battlefield Parkway. In its consent agenda, the council authorized Town Manager Kaj Dentler to move forward with a grant agreement with VDOT for funding of the Battlefield Parkway trail across the Rt. 15 Bypass.

VDOT awarded the town a $726,000 Highway Safety Improvement Program grant for the project last summer. The grant is expected to cover all of the project’s cost, except for local project management costs. According to a staff report, under the terms of the contract award, the town will administer the design and construction of the project with VDOT oversight. The funding requires the project design to begin immediately, and that construction be completed by the end of FY 2019. To comply with this, Tuesday’s motion also amended the approved FY 2017 Capital Improvements Program to accelerate the schedule for the project and the funding for it. Construction is now anticipated to start in the winter and wrap up by summer 2017.

The project will include sidewalk extension to the bypass on the west, a trail extension from the bypass to the east, and pedestrian signals and a crosswalk at the bypass.

In a separate motion, the council also unanimously approved a temporary regulation prohibiting U-turns at Battlefield Parkway’s nearby intersection with Fieldstone Drive. The regulation will be in place 3-6:30 p.m. for the next three months. During that time, the council has directed the Standing Residential Traffic Committee to study its impact.

The action is an effort to cut down on drivers using the intersection as a way to facilitate faster access to the northbound Rt. 15 bypass, an area that is heavily congested during the afternoon and evening rush hour. A staff report notes that, to avoid waiting to turn right onto Rt. 15 Bypass from Battlefield Parkway, some motorists are crossing the intersection and making U-turns at the next intersection, Fieldstone Drive NE.  Drivers then proceed east back to the Rt. 15 Bypass intersection, where they make a left turn at the signal.

In conjunction with the “No U-Turn” signage, the town will also be installing “Don’t Block the Box” signage and striping at the Battlefield Parkway and Rt. 15 Bypass intersection. Signage indicating fines for this violation up to $250 will also be included.


3 thoughts on “Improvements Coming to Leesburg’s Battlefield Parkway

  • 2016-09-15 at 9:38 pm

    I guess we can consider adding sidewalks and bike trails a good thing or at least an inert thing. However, adding “pedestrian signals and a crosswalk at the bypass” will simply MAKE THE PROBLEM WORSE. Does the Town Council and VDOT really think that stopping the majority traffic on the priority road for LONGER cycles of time will solve this congestion problem?

    The problem here is the inadequate transportation infrastructure on Route 15, north of this intersection. Until the Route 15 problems are properly fixed, the “symptoms” back down at Battlefield Parkway will remain or get worse when these “improvements” are added. Here’s a better idea. Get rid of the traffic light at Whites Ferry Rd, return the speed limit on Route 15 to 55 mph, and take this $726,000 and spend on a transportation project that will actually improve the flow of traffic on Route 15 and the Bypass.

  • 2016-09-19 at 5:23 pm

    I don’t see a career on the town council for you Mr. Lane — You make far too much sense.

    Modern government never actually solves a problem, rather, it creates them. Then it soaks up your tax dollars, gives you back pennies on those dollars in the form of “crosswalks” and tells you how lucky you are, all while approving 500 new homes down the street. Isn’t it great?

    And those actual problems that you correctly pointed out, are never ever addressed. See how this works?

  • 2016-09-22 at 2:55 pm

    I applaud any improvements for pedestrians and cyclists regarding crossing the great barrier that is Rte-15 and the bypass. These high volume highways are excellent for commuters, but can divide and segregate Leesburg geographically and possibly even socioeconomically. I saw some documentation in the agenda packets regarding extending the sidewalk and possibly a crosswalk over Rte-15 on Edwards Ferry. I hope this item keeps moving forward.

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