It’s A Dog’s Day at Ida Lee

Some jumped. Some swam. Some frolicked. Others supervised from the sidelines. But there was one thing common among all the four-legged friends and their human companions—everybody was having fun.

Ida Lee Park Dog SwimSaturday marked the eighth annual Dog Swim at the A.V. Symington Aquatic Center in Leesburg. It has been a popular event since its inception in 2009. For a small fee, dogs get the chance to enjoy the outdoor pool before it is drained for the season.

Saturday’s high temperatures made it feel every bit like a summer day and the canines took the opportunity to enjoy perhaps one of the last balmy weekend days of the year. While some preferred to run and jump, retrieving tennis balls and toys, others took the time to herd the masses along the fence-lined grassy space. For dogs as well as their handlers, it was a social event that served as the appropriate exclamation point for summer’s end.

Photo Gallery: Ida Lee Park Dog Swim 

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