Lovettsville Co-op Inks Deal for Fire Station Space

Lovettsville Co-op and Lovettsville Volunteer Fire and Rescue have inked a deal that will allow the grocery store to move in to the fire-rescue station in the coming years.

The department is in talks about building a replacement station just south of the existing Berlin Turnpike property.

The organizations have signed a letter of intent that outlines general terms of a lease permitting the co-op to operate the grocery store in the empty portion of the station. It’s a match that suits the aims of both organizations—the co-op has been frustrated in its efforts to find the right location for the store and the department has been working to expand.

“This is a big step for the co-op’s development,” Co-Chairwoman Sarah Searle stated. Not only does the facility offer what is required for the cooperative’s business model, but the two organizations also share a mission of community service and depend on volunteers for support.

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