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It took a stress-filled period in Sandra Chaloux’s life to realize that she could be the catalyst for finding solutions.

“Basically, it happened on my own health and wellness journey. I was looking for holistic service providers; they’re not easy to find.”

The former Loudoun County Planning Commissioner was in her mid-40s when she found herself becoming overwhelmed by life, and as a result, her health began to suffer.

Sandra Chaloux
Sandra Chaloux

“I was stressed, my blood pressure started going up, I was gaining weight, not feeling good, and I knew if I went to a primary care doctor I would probably get a prescription for high blood pressure and to be advised to lose weight. But that wouldn’t actually help me to do it,” she recalled recently.

Chaloux resigned from the Planning Commission in 2010, after having served for two years.

‘My nutritionist said, ‘you have to figure out your stress, your health is more important,’” she said.

She started searching for answers.

“One day I was sitting at a traffic light and I thought ‘it’s too bad there’s not a website out there that’s looking for something beyond the conventional, so I decided to do it myself—providing word of mouth recommendations in one place.” She began researching in November 2014 and it took about a year to launch the site.

Chaloux has Lyme disease, and noted that people share information on that or various other ailments on Facebook, but it was scattered all over the place.

“My goal was to create a one-stop shopping area, so to speak, that would provide information on a number of subjects—Pilates, acupuncture, diabetes, integrated medicine, diet and nutrition, chiropractic, etc.—I wanted to provide different options.

Before what she calls “my traffic light ephiphany,” Chaloux said she was always tired and a friend thought she was depressed. She underwent some comprehensive testing.

“I found out I had a leaky gut, so I went through huge detox, diet corrections, to try to heal the gut.” She gave up gluten and started learning about food sensitivities.

To her surprise, the Aldie resident found out in a roundabout way of two doctors in her own neighborhood—Dr. Andrew Heyman and Dr. Laura Stone, of The Virginia Center for Health and Wellness. “They’re miracle workers, right in my backyard,” she said. She began to learn about stress management through the center for mind, body and medicine.

Now almost a year after launching the website, Chaloux is excited by the possibilities of helping others find the answers to their own search—just as she did.

She and her husband Tom Conway have high hopes for the website.

“We did a whole series on sleep. So many struggle with a good night’s sleep, so we offered suggestions from different angles.” Other angles included posts about acupuncture, noting what questions people should ask to evaluate issues, and listing service providers, for instance, who can help reverse diabetes through diet.

She encourages people to email and post questions—“What do they really want to know about,” Chaloux said. So far the feedback has been very positive.

To contact Chaloux, call 703-542-2171. For information or to receive the monthly newsletter, email [email protected].




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