Loudoun Schools Ready for 78,665 Students

It’s a week of preparation in Loudoun.

The final touches on new and renovated school buildings will be made, student name tags will be carefully penned, and hundreds of buses will be tuned up and ready to roll.

Monday is the big day, when Loudoun County Public Schools will welcome a record 78,665 students—roughly 3,000 more than last year’s enrollment—and thousands of other students will return to the county’s private schools and homeschool programs for a new academic year.

This year is particularly monumental for Loudoun. The school division opens its second charter school, launches the new Academy of Engineering and Technology, and opens its 89th school, Madison’s Trust Elementary in Brambleton.

“As the new year approaches I tell students, ‘there’s a lot to look forward to,’” Superintendent Eric Williams said.

There also are 750 new teachers, selected from some of the best of the best at six job fairs and 25 recruiting events, Williams said. He also listed the expansion of a full school day to more than half of the county’s kindergartners and more technology in the classroom among the new developments this year.

More students will be provided tablets, laptops and smart phones to be used as part of class lessons, and more will be encouraged to bring their own devices to school with them. “We’ll have more devices in the classroom than ever before,” Williams said.

He also is nudging parents to use technology more. During a recent School Board meeting he encouraged families to download the new LCPS mobile app that was launched over the summer. The app will give users access to school menus, the lunch account software system, the student information management system, the online learning platform, sports information, calendars and social media feeds. Parents, students and teachers can also sign up for push notifications, such as emergency messages, to their phones.

New Year, New School

About 775 kids, and 100 employees, will call a brand new school home starting Monday.

Second-grade teachers Lauren Stevenson and Joanne Luoma go over lesson plans at Madison’s Trust Elementary School. [Danielle Nadler/Loudoun Now]
Second-grade teachers Lauren Stevenson and Joanne Luoma go over lesson plans at Madison’s Trust Elementary School. [Danielle Nadler/Loudoun Now]
Loudoun’s newest public school, Madison’s Trust Elementary, will provide desperate relief to some of the county’s most overcrowded school buildings. Five-hundred of its students were reassigned from neighboring Creighton’s Corner Elementary, which has operated above its building capacity for the past several years.

Even though the Brambleton area has undergone frequent attendance boundary changes, Madison’s Trust was one of those schools that was welcomed by the community with open arms, Principal David Stewart said.

“The reception has been 100 percent positive,” he added. “When the kids come in, they’re shocked. Everything is so new and shiny.”

Stewart takes the lead at Madison’s Trust after serving as principal at Guilford Elementary in Sterling for 10 years. It wasn’t easy leaving Guilford, but he’s always wanted to help establish a new school. “This is a different challenge that I was excited to try,” he said.

Since his first day on the job in February, he’s interviewed almost 300 applicants for teaching and support staff positions. As part of his dream team, he also recruited nine employees from Guilford to come with him to Madison’s Trust.

After leading Guilford Elementary in Sterling for 10 years, David Stewart took the position as principal at Madison’s Trust Elementary as an opportunity to launch a new school. [Danielle Nadler/Loudoun Now]
After leading Guilford Elementary in Sterling for 10 years, David Stewart took the position as principal at Madison’s Trust Elementary as an opportunity to launch a new school. [Danielle Nadler/Loudoun Now]
He also worked to have students help shape their new school even before the doors opened. He got their feedback on everything from the school colors to its mascot. In a poll, the students selected the Mighty Macaws as their mascot as a nod to U.S. President James Madison’s pet macaw. The school’s name captures the role Loudoun played in the War of 1812, when President Madison sought refuge in the county, along with important documents like the Constitution.

“Choosing furniture, a mascot, helping to shape a school—these are things that you don’t think you’ll get a chance to do in your career,” Stewart said. “It’s been a great experience and we’re ready for the first day.”

On Monday, the students will be ushered into the gymnasium for an all-school assembly. From the moment students walk in the door, Stewart wants them to feel like Madison’s Trust is their school. “That will be an important moment,” he said. “It’s really a chance to introduce ourselves to the students. … We want them all to feel comfortable and happy and to feel like this is their home.”

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One thought on “Loudoun Schools Ready for 78,665 Students

  • 2016-08-26 at 11:44 am

    In 1999, I served as president of the Loudoun Education Alliance of Parents (LEAP). Back then the monthly meetings were held at J. Lupton Simpson Middle School. The LCPS enrollment was 26,787 and the school system had 44 schools.

    I am again compelled to begin the school year with community prayer. Someone recently told me that prayer is not a substitute for action; it is an action for which there is no substitute. Therefore I am requesting all the Intercessors in Loudoun County to please join me in praying for an increase of God’s presence in our schools.

    Dear Father God in heaven,

    We welcome and invite a powerful move of God’s presence in our schools. We shall provide a canopy of prayer over every school and college in Loudoun County. We dedicate each learning institution to the Lord.

    We ask that you send your ministering spirits into our classrooms. We ask you to send angels as guardians to the entrances and breathe your refreshing Holy Spirit throughout the hallways and classrooms. We ask for barriers to your presence to be broken down in the name of Jesus. We invite your constant presence and influence back into our school buildings.

    We speak blessings over the principals and administrators that they may have wisdom, inspiration, peace, patience and strength as they lead their teachers and children. We pray for blessings of abundant health and energy for the teachers and staff throughout these buildings. We ask that all the staff and teachers receive a special blessing of ingenuity, inspiration, wisdom, peace and overflowing satisfaction in their work. May they be restored, refreshed and strengthened daily in body, soul and spirit. May they be appreciated and respected by parents and students and their hearts filled with peace and joy.

    We ask special blessings over all the children who attend our schools that you may help keep them hungry for learning, that each child may know he is precious and important. We pray for overflowing health and protection for all our students. We pray for them to respect and give full attention to their teachers. We ask for clarity and focus for their minds and a hunger for learning and excellence both in academics and behavior. We claim a blessed and prosperous future for all the children who attend our schools in Jesus’ name.

    We ask for blessings on the parents and guardians of these children, that their burdens be lightened. We ask for parents to be anointed with patience, wisdom, peace and joy, that they get inspired to be involved in teaching their children to have respect, compassion, honesty and pride in their choices.
    We thank you for your favor in our schools, for keeping the buildings, classrooms, hallways and playgrounds safe. We ask for protection from harm for everyone on our school grounds. We praise you and thank you for your mercy and forgiveness. Amen.

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