No Landline? County Gov’t Encourages Mobile Phones Registration

The Loudoun County government is urging people who live and work in the county to register their mobile phone numbers and addresses in the Alert Loudoun system to receive automatic emergency voice notifications about local emergencies.

The county is changing the way it will send reverse 911 emergency voice notifications, moving to the Everbridge system, which is used for text and email alerts. A new category, “Emergency Voice Notifications,” has been added to the Alert Loudoun subscription list and those who already have signed up for text or email alerts are encouraged to review their settings.

The automatic emergency voice notification system provides public safety officials with the capability of sending a recorded message to homes and businesses only when emergency, life safety-related notifications are necessary. The system has been used for flash flood information, incidents involving hazardous materials, missing person notifications and other emergency situations.

“We use this technology for life-safety, local emergency alerts that everyone should know about,” stated Kevin Johnson, Loudoun County’s coordinator for emergency management. “People who have eliminated landlines in their homes will not receive these important notifications unless they register.”

Those who registered their mobile phone numbers with Loudoun’s previous automatic emergency voice notification system do not have to register their mobile devices again because existing phone numbers were migrated to the new platform.

To register a mobile phone number for automatic emergency voice notifications and to sign up for county alerts and information via text and email, log on to

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