Shoplifters Nabbed at Dulles Crossing

Four suspects were charged after being found by sheriff’s deputies in the parking lot of the Dulles Crossing shopping center with stolen merchandise on Monday.

The suspects were identified as Keya K. Lee, 37, Barbara Purnell, 41, Tyjuan S. Coles, 28, and Tia S. Brooks, 32, all of Baltimore, MD.

Lee, Purnell and Brooks were charged with grand larceny and felony conspiracy. Coles was charged with two counts of grand larceny and served with an out of state warrant. Lee, Coles and Brooks were held without bond at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center. Purnell was held pending a secured bond.

One thought on “Shoplifters Nabbed at Dulles Crossing

  • 2016-08-18 at 9:43 pm

    So this gang tried to steal $5,000.00 of baby formula from Walmart. They reside in the inner city, which I imagine baby formula gas a high resale price. Amazingly Tia and Tyjuan were arrested together stealing $900.00 dollars worth of baby formula in York County, Pa. near the end of 2015 and a couple months later in 2016 the same exact thing, but in Cumberland County, Pa. Coles has a massive record and is currently a deadbeat Dad and will be kindly be returned to the City of Baltimore once Virginia is done with him. Sadly, the duo float their crimes around and it seems like little is ever done to them. They repeat, repeat, repeat, get caught, repeat, repeat…… To the bleeding hearts, you don’t want to fill our prisons with known criminals, especially non-violent, but they continue to plague our society, bankrupt us, raise the cost of all goods, etc. Tia cited on her Facebook page that her Number 1 main interest was Obama, as I bet he’d love for her to be one of his own.

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