Letter: Jane Fletcher, Ashburn

Editor: I was one of the people who asked the woman I now know as Joy Maloney to go to the back of the line at last week’s Trump rally and wait like others had after she cut in line in front of us.

It was not simply that she left a place to do an interview—she had cut in line and was asked to leave the line by a few of us well before that interview. She refused.

She was purposely being defiant because a few other girls who had jumped the line before Ms. Maloney came along were also asked to go to the back, explaining that it isn’t fair for people who have been waiting (they complied with the request). When it got to the point when we were nearing the entrance and Ms. Maloney made it clear she was not going to get out of line—at that point the police were asked for assistance.

It was not because she wasn’t a Trump supporter. It had to do with the fact that she jumped in a line that wrapped around the building and it was clear that people were going to be turned away. She was asked politely many times (by several people) before the police were asked to assist. The police were very polite and she would not comply with the request to leave the line, choosing instead to sit down on the ground and placing her hands behind her back as if she were preparing to be hand cuffed and now causing a scene. That is when the police let her know she was trespassing and should leave the premises altogether. I suppose the Trump supporters were surprisingly peaceful, much to her dismay?

This was a very peaceful rally with thousands who turned out. The line wrapped around the building with hundreds of supporters also lining the school property. Media doesn’t show that. They only show the 20 protesters and clip about Trump throwing out a baby—which was not true and the mother has publicly stated so—but that’s a different story.

As an aside, the group Ms. Maloney was standing with in line is one of the two groups that were escorted out of the rally for being disruptive. Way to represent the school board and local community, Joy Maloney. In light of her behavior on the schools grounds she represents, I do believe all charges should stand.

Jane Fletcher, Ashburn

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