Letter: Dee K. Counts, Ashburn

Editor: I write to clarify what happened in line at the Trump rally last week. I was the person that reported the actions of School Board member Joy Maloney to the deputy.

My friends and I got in line around 8:15 a.m. There were three women in front of us and in front of them were three teenage boys and in front of them were a group of kids. Around 9 a.m. another group of four or five kids came and butted in front of the teenage boys with their friends. I politely went over and asked them to go to the back of the line as we had already been in line for 45 minutes. They eventually went to the back of the line.

Then, 15 minutes later Joy Maloney—I had no idea who she was—got in line with these kids. I went over and told her we had been there for an hour in line and for her to go to the back of the line. She ignored me. At this time, we were in line on the side of the school. As we approached the top of the hill in front of the school, she was asked to interview with a news reporter. After her interview she preceded to get back in line with her friends. The lady in front of me approached her and ask her politely to go to the back of the line. Ms. Maloney continued to ignore us and I told the ladies in front of me not to say anything else because I would report it to the police when I saw one.

As we approached the entrance, I asked Ms. Maloney one more time to go to the back of the line and she just stared at me with no response. I then said to her, “Do you really feel good about yourself butting in line in front of these three teenagers and the rest of us?” as the line wrapped around the school and with no response. I then walked over to a police officer and told her what was going on. She then approached Ms. Maloney and said, “I understand you butted in line?” With no response from Ms. Maloney and verification from the others standing with me the police officer said, “I am going to have to ask you to go to the back of the line. This is when Ms. Maloney sat down on the ground and would not get up. The line into the campaign started moving inside.

We got our seats and the kids she was standing with sat on the back row and ended up getting escorted out of the campaign for turning their backs on Trump locking arms and waving into the cameras. And this is who she was going in with? What kind of behavior was this? And to think she would have been a part of this.

Is this who we want representing Loudoun County School Board or any school board for that matter? The fact that she had no remorse for butting in line, in front of three teenage boys and the rest of us in line is despicable.

Dee K. Counts, Ashburn

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  • 2016-08-08 at 10:12 am

    This is consistent with the actions of many school board members. When informed they are violating the law, they just ignore the messengers. They believe nobody will hold them accountable. Maloney likely believes that when she gets into court, a friendly judge will toss out the charges. She could be correct in Loudoun’s courthouses.

    This is what these elections are all about. Many of our current politicians believe they are above the law. While the rest of us obey laws as a matter of principle, as well as the potential consequences, Hornberger, Maloney, Rose and many others treat rules/laws with contempt. Maloney and these teenagers’ stunt was clearly planned. In addition to disrupting the event, they clearly took away seats from the target audience of the rally. If Trump’s supporters came out in force to consume all the available seats at a Clinton rally, would any of the Democrats support them for their activism?

  • 2016-08-08 at 10:41 am

    Are there laws regarding cutting in line? I am not aware of any. If there are none, how can a deputy enforce what is essentially an issue of courtesy/custom? Perhaps she crossed into disorderly conduct when ordered to go to the back by LCSO. This case is truly bizarre.

    • 2016-08-08 at 11:05 pm

      Downtowner, it’s actually quite simple.

      1. The Trump organization is a private entity, not a public org. As such, they can invite anyone they wish. They did so by giving out tickets to their supporters. They can also rescind those tickets.

      2. The event organizers rescinded Maloney’s tickets. Whether that revocation was due to breaking in line (likely a partial reason) or her clear intentions to disrupt the private event (possible reason as well) is irrelevant. Maloney’s tix were rescinded. LCSO doesn’t make that descision.

      3. Given #1 and #2 above, Maloney was asked to either leave the property or move out of the main line by LCSO. She refused. She not only refused a lawful order, but sat down and apparently failed to obey any orders by LCSO. At that point, she was trespassing.

      Maloney (apparently) didn’t get arrested for breaking in line or blocking entrance to others. She was arrested when she refused orders by LCSO who were attempting to direct traffic and prevent disorderly conduct between rival political patrons. It’s a pretty simple case. The only question is whether Maloney will find “friends” in the Loudoun courthouse who let all political officials win their cases. We shall see. I can guarantee you Maloney and LCSB won’t find such “interested parties” in federal court.

  • 2016-08-10 at 4:16 pm

    So basically, Dee, you called the cops for a extrememly petty issue. From other sources, Joy stepped out of line momentarily and returned to her spot. Being an adult at an adult event, the notion of “saving a spot” like you would at the lunch line in school might not have accured to her. When you verbally attacked her behavior, she ignored you and you felt slighted enough to call the authorizes.

    Might be time to grow up and be more accepting of you neighbors instead of “tattling” on them.

    • 2016-08-10 at 8:10 pm

      CareerSwitcher shows just how hypocritical and unethical LCPS employees are.

      He says folks should not “tattle” on their neighbors for violating rules. Let’s see, if a child hits another child, should the victim not “tattle”? If a bully heads to the front of the line just because they can, should the other kids not “tattle” on him? If drivers simply drives down the fire lane to cut in line, should the other drivers accept that they must wait while the “chosen” ones get first in line and not “tattle”? If illegal aliens come across the border to receive tax refunds from the US, suppress wages and steal jobs, should the US victims just suck it up? Or maybe, if the police fire 40+ gunshots in a New Orleans neighborhood to test the willingness of neighbors to report crime, Career Switcher encourages those neighbors not to “snitch” (or in his words “tattle”).

      If kids just ignore others in school, is that kosher? Do they teach that in conflict resolution? If you want what’s not yours, just ignore the others who protest and take it anyway?

      Maloney got thrown out because she was there to protest at a private rally. Her teenage friends (who gifted a spot in line to her without any right to do so) got thrown out soon afterwards. The same result would have happened to Maloney. She has no honor. No ethics. Just like Career Switcher. I really hope some LCPS personnel official understands how corrosive you are and allow you to “switch careers” once again. I certainly hope my kids never learn your “ethics”.

      • 2016-08-11 at 12:11 pm

        We are not talking about kid behavior, are we SGP? We are talking about grown adults. You cannot make people wait their turn in traffic and not run red lights in this town and you cannot impact everyday adult behaviors much. This seems to be a case of “line-rage”, not a capital offense. I can only hope you children learn about tolerance, patience, forgiveness, and acceptance from their teachers as they certainly will not learn them from you

        • 2016-08-12 at 8:59 am

          CareerSwitcher, Lord help your students.

          During Black Friday sales, I see many inconsiderate folks try to break in line. They are not just breaking in front of one person, they are breaking in front of many. If nobody would call them out, like Dee did above, they would consistently get away with this behavior. I commend Dee for sticking up for everyone. Joy was a coward not to even respond to her. Joy was a bully in trying to force her way into line.

          But that’s not the core of the issue, is it. Joy was asked to leave. She refused. LCSO asked her to leave. She had to be carried out. That is the crux of the issue. Even if everybody didn’t mind a few entitled adults breaking in line, Joy wasn’t there to listen. She was there to make a scene and would have been thrown out with her group after the rally started as they were.

          “Democratic morals” are on display for everyone here. It wasn’t really a secret. I discuss this with colleagues everyday. The Democrats simply never have any principles. Before they can tell you whether an action was appropriate, they ask for the ideology behind it. If they support the political agenda, the methods don’t matter. If they oppose the political agenda (as with Trump here), again the methods don’t matter.

          My kids don’t break in line. They don’t drive down fire lanes. They take turns when lines merge (as in traffic). Thank you for showing your real colors. It’s pretty easy to size somebody up within a few minutes. The hard part is convincing folks who don’t want to believe someone is inconsiderate/unethical until they show up. Thankfully, you and the LCSB members have put your philosophy into action for everyone to see. Shameless.

  • 2016-08-11 at 7:16 am

    The only person at this event who failed to act as an adult was elected official Maloney. The only person who failed and showed contempt for our deputies was elected official Maloney. The only person, out of thousands who threw a temper tantrum, worthy of a 4 year old, by plopping herself down on the ground and having an embarrassing meltdown, was elected official Maloney.

    No one is responsible for her childish actions and very public arrest, other than Maloney herself. Who’s the adult again?

  • 2016-08-12 at 11:21 am

    “We are talking about grown adults. You cannot make people wait their turn in traffic and not run red lights in this town and you cannot impact everyday adult behaviors much.”

    What county do you live in “CarreerSwitcher?” In your world, individuals may do anything they wish without repercussion or consequence? And it’s the victim’s fault if their are consequences? Why do democrats always blame the victims?

    Try ignoring red lights in Loudoun; see what happens.

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