Still No Vote On Crescent Parke

As the Town Council inches closer to its late August recess, hopes are to have a major rezoning application resolved.

The council has not yet voted on the Crescent Parke application, which proposes 198 townhouses, 96 stacked townhouses and 96 multifamily dwelling units on a 53-acre tract from Gateway Drive to Davis Drive along the edge of the Leesburg Bypass. Nonresidential uses would include a maximum of 110,550 square feet of office space, 137,175 square feet of retail, an area for a future hotel, and a 2,000-square-foot community room.

Developer Hobie Mitchel and his representatives were again before the council last week, and the public hearing on the development has remained open now for several weeks. But with new proffers and some revised ones presented to council members a day before its most recent meeting, council members held off on a vote. Among the most recent changes was the inclusion of $75,000 to study the possible removal of the planned Greenway extension through the development, which many council members have said is no longer viable.

Mitchel said he is hoping for a vote at the council’s next meeting, Tuesday, July 26.

One thought on “Still No Vote On Crescent Parke

  • 2016-07-25 at 10:50 am

    Received a call today wanting me to chastise Marty Martinez for opposing the development. For some reason, the folks behind the calls (I expect the deranged develop since the caller could not tell me) think that there are hundreds of jobs at stake. Little do they know that unemployment in Leesburg is not a driving factor in my and many other decisions. More important to me and my neighbors is the impact on schools and traffic. Shame on Hobie Mitchel and his representatives for trying this uninformed and arrogant tactic.

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