Butler Kicks Off Mayoral Campaign

Set against the backdrop of one of Leesburg’s biggest success stories, Mayor David Butler pointed to his own accomplishments—of which he said helping to negotiate K2M’s expansion in town was one—to underscore to gathered supporters why he is the right man for the job.

Butler is campaigning for his first two-year term as town mayor, after having been appointed to the position in February following Kristen Umstattd’s resignation to begin her term as Leesburg District county supervisor. On Monday, Butler held his campaign kickoff at K2M’s headquarters off Battlefield Parkway. The medical device manufacturer recently celebrated the opening of its new, larger facility—up the road from its former digs on Miller Drive—and Butler said helping to ensure the company remained in town was one of his accomplishments as a council member.

David Butler speaks to a crowd of supports at his campaign kickoff event Monday. (Kara C. Rodriguez/Loudoun Now)
David Butler speaks to a crowd of supporters at his campaign kickoff event Monday. (Kara C. Rodriguez/Loudoun Now)

Butler has served on the Town Council since 2008, and was re-elected to another four-year term in 2012. Set behind the stage where he spoke was a slideshow running down several accomplishments for Butler while on the council—the addition of bike lanes on Plaza Street; on-street dining along the expanded sidewalks on King Street; and the launch of mayor’s hours when residents can meet with him each week and a State of the Town address during his time as mayor were among some highlighted.

School Board member Tom Marshall (Leesburg) took note of that last initiative. Marshall introduced Butler, and said he believes he has “acted more like a mayor than anyone I’ve ever seen,” with being proactive with creating new initiatives and being readily available to the public.

Butler noted that it will be a “wild” election with 10 candidates gunning for four seats on the Town Council, including three running for mayor. He is challenged by Vice Mayor Kelly Burk and former Town Council member Kevin Wright.

Butler said that voters should consider several things when deciding who to vote for on Election Day, including what a candidate has accomplished, and if they can work well with fellow council members. He said it is important for a candidate to “walk the talk” by being able to back up what is important to them with actions. He believes he has demonstrated exactly that, and hopes to continue to do more for Leesburg if re-elected.

“When I see buildings like this,” he said, in reference to K2M, “I made this happen. I know I made a difference.”

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2 thoughts on “Butler Kicks Off Mayoral Campaign

  • 2016-07-13 at 10:41 pm

    “I made this happen” He can’t do anything on Council without 3 other votes. He came to Council riding on his plan for a bike trail with bridge over the bypass in the SW part of town. Thank goodness there were at least 4 votes to stop that $7,000,000 waste of money. Now if there is anyone on Council to raise taxes or increase housing density in Leesburg it will be Butler. And as to getting along with Council that must be his idea of a joke. He is the most insulting person on Council. The puts most people down for no realizing that He is the smartest person in any room he walks into. He only got appointed Mayor by back room deals with the conservative members of Council. Burk should have been chosen over this egotist.

  • 2016-07-15 at 10:59 am

    Since when is reaching across the aisle equivalent to a back-room deal? If Burke had had her way in January, the Town would’ve been Mayor-less over 3 months and our new leadership appointed by a random judge. She voted against K2M (and the 400 high-paying jobs it was bringing to Leesburg) even though she was the Council’s liaison for Economic Development. She works with no one but Martinez unless she absolutely has to. I’d prefer a town run by a leader with a healthy self-confidence who represents ALL constituents.

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