Reid Seeks Return to Leesburg Council Seat

A familiar face has jumped into the crowded Leesburg Town Council race.

Former Leesburg District supervisor, and twice-elected Town Council member, Ken Reid announced today that he is seeking a return to the council dais.

Reid won his first council term in 2006 and was re-elected four years later. In 2011, he defeated Kelly Burk, now Leesburg’s vice mayor, for the Leesburg District seat on the Board of Supervisors. Reid did not run for re-election in 2015.

In a press release announcing his campaign, Reid said he was “humbled” by the many town residents and business owners who approached him about returning to public service. He said recent actions by the Town Council, notably the process to appoint a new mayor earlier this year, as well as the town’s clean-up efforts related to Winter Storm Jonas, which left many residential streets unplowed for several days following the storm, were among concerns shared with him.

If elected to another council term, Reid said his priorities would be addressing traffic congestion chokepoints in town, such as along Rt. 15; scrutinizing taxes and spending; enhancing communication with the public; and working more proactively with the Board of Supervisors and General Assembly, to name a few.

Reid said one of his strengths is being proactive, not reactive, to situations, and pointed to his track records on the council and Board of Supervisors as evidence.

“My hallmark is putting the emphasis on results and being proactive, not being reactive to issues, as well as working collaboratively with folks of all political stripes,” he stated.

Reid first got involved with public service when he sought to have speed humps placed in his neighborhood, and has advocated for transportation improvements throughout the town and county. On the county board, he ultimately supported the Silver Line Metrorail project, after supervisors decided to create tax districts where property owners nearest to the future station would be the ones funding future Metro capital costs. According to his release, he also helped to secure funding for the design of future interchanges at Edwards Ferry Road and the Rt. 15 bypass, as well as at Rt. 7 and Battlefield Parkway; as well as a missing link of Miller Drive and the section of Crosstrail Boulevard between Rt. 7 and Sycolin Road.

Professionally, Reid is in his 24th year as editor and publisher of Washington Information Source Co., a newsletter publisher and distributor of specialized manuals, books and electronic databases for pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies. Reid and his family have been town residents since 2002.

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2 thoughts on “Reid Seeks Return to Leesburg Council Seat

  • 2016-06-16 at 9:36 am

    I’m taking the opportunity to post this comment to both recent articles regarding candidates running for Town Council in order to educated the Public of Leesburg. The Town Council just held a work session on June 13, 2016 that opened with the Northern Virginia Regional Gang Task Force. I strongly encourage anyone living inside or outside Leesburg to watch the first part of the lengthy video, which is very enlightening.
    Tom Dunn seemed very involved based on his body language and questioning, and Kelly Burk showed up at the very end of the presentation, which I find unacceptable realizing the recent MS-13 gang issues, but in her own inexact words, she can get caught-up. The presenter offered many, many facts, and it is apparent that not only is our police force extremely unprepared to even remotely proactively address routine, and I mean routine, gang warfare, but the task force is too. The task force seems to be an almost exclusive reactionary force that goes to whoever the fires are, which is scary since they are secondary to our own police, and our Town Mayor, many Town Council Members and the he likes of Evan MacBeth and Ron Campbell are Open Border folks, and based on the presenter most Gang members are illegal immigrants (or see below part of the new flock of “unaccompanied minors”). You may think this is inflammatory, but you need to watch the video and understand that the presenter said that the “unaccompanied minor” situation is getting worse (increasing in numbers with more to end up here, unaccounted for, and overcrowding our schools next year) and that they are predisposed to becoming future gang members as they are usually being placed into homes on non-parents and at-risk situations. I know that Tom Dunn asked the presenter “what can we do” as he referred to graffiti, kids getting into gangs, etc. My big questions is what can the Town of Leesburg do Legally to stop illegals from being bused in through Loudoun County by the Federal Government into our Town thus using our resources in many respects (I know the liberals are yawning as they are open border and welcome all, turn a blind eye to crime and openly spend my money on others, etc.)??? They pose a health and safety issue to the general public, which has already been openly stated by several State and Federal officials. Please offer some feedback Town Council and Mayor in lieu of placing these at-risk persons in our schools and on our streets knowing they are predisposed for violence, health risks, etc. The facts are the facts, perhaps that’s why so many in Our Government seemed so disinterested, so very disinterested and just didn’t want to ask questions or even show up on time. Perhaps Kelly Burk just isn’t too concerned about our Public safety nor suited to be our next Mayor?

  • 2016-06-16 at 11:29 am

    So many words, all saying what? Or dare I ask Leesburgfinest to articulate his true purpose in these rants of his. It is clear that the voters of Leesburg have a rare opportunity to send a clear message to Ken Reid, and Tom Dunn, and to a great extent Katie Hammler, that enough is enough. No more anger, politics of division, and dithering. There are other, very good candidates, that deserve the support, and vote of Leesburg residents.

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