Bullets and Beans: Zoning Administrator Clears Hamilton Gun Shop

Town Zoning Administrator Daniel Galindo says Advanced Airsoft Operations LLC’s application to operate a gun safety-training center and firearms sales business complies with town zoning rules.

He said the State Code “does not allow us to regulate the purchase or transfer of firearms, so it’s treated like any normal retail sales outlet.”

However, the coffee shop component of Kevin Jones’ proposed Bullets and Beans business at 62 E. Colonial Highway will require the council’s approval of a special exception permit. The sale of food is not a permitted use adjacent to a residence in the C-2 District. Galindo said he would be issuing a final occupancy permit for the business to Jones, who purchased the building from former Hamilton Councilman Brent Campbell in April.

Carolyn Unger spoke against the proposal, saying her rights as a 40-year resident are being threatened by the possibility of a gun shop in town. Hamilton was “built on kindness and civility,” she said, noting the town’s former name, Harmony. While she respected law enforcement’s efforts in town, she worried about the possibility of guns falling into the wrong hands and said property was too close to the elementary school.

There is no parking available at 62 E. Colonial Highway, although the town may provide one of its parking spaces across the street for a fee. Galindo offered three Zoning Ordinance options for parking when it cannot be provided on the property. The council voted 6-0 to refer the options to the Planning Commission.



One thought on “Bullets and Beans: Zoning Administrator Clears Hamilton Gun Shop

  • 2018-09-12 at 5:14 am

    The Hamilton NIMBY’s should be ashamed of themselves. It is an ongoing business and jerking them around for years isn’t cool. I’ve been there and it isn’t that hard to find a place to park.

    Its not going to be Starbucks. Why not give him a temporary/provisional permit to sell coffee for three/six months to see how it works out.

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