Memorable Moments from Memorial Day in DC

By Anthony V. Fasolo

The last Monday in May is now past

And Memorial Day tributes have been placed

In the hope that they will last

Until the next rain like tears wash them away

Along with the last memories of the day

People from all over came to The Wall

Or to Arlington to honor those who gave their all

The sounds of rifles disturb the air

Not in anger but to honor the heroes there

People meet old friends their friendship to renew

While others bond with some they never knew

What brings young ladies from France to the memorial to World War TWO?

Or others from far away and US States not a few?

A sense of duty and respect for what these honored dead have done

A need to make sure that we do not forget that they died to make us ONE

Memorial Day 2016 is past and we are FREE to roam

The flags no longer fly at half staff

And we return to hearth and home

Some still crying and in need of a laugh

Sadness, gratitude are all emotions we feel on Memorial Day

Now the torch of democracy has been passed

And it is our task to make sure that the Liberty and Freedom they fought

For will ever last


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