Police Question Occupants of Leesburg Home

The Leesburg Police Department closed a portion of Appletree Drive to traffic this morning as part of an investigation.

A search warrant was executed at a home in the 100 block of the subdivision street about 5 a.m. Town officers, along with representatives of the FBI, ATF and Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, were in the house much of the morning as the occupants are interviewed and the home is searched, LPD spokesman Lt. Jeff Dubé said.

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  • 2016-06-03 at 12:29 pm

    Perhaps could it be related to the missing teenager from the story yesterday. For some strange reason, that story about our non-existent MS-13 gang issue seems to be missing. I applaud our police force for the very low crime rate, but in regards to the gangs they can’t help what the federal government dumps on their lap. Our Town Council, with Dave Butler and Kelly Burk leading won’t even touch the illegal immigration and Latino gang problem. It is nowhere in their top 50 issues nor is it on the agenda of Evan Macbeth or Ron Cambell who are both outspoken ultra liberals whom all fully support open borders. The gangs continue to hire within our our schools and our Evan Macbeth’s “Educate Don’t Segregate” group wants to force our children to blend together even to the point where they are mixed with gang members. I know our local politicians and wanna-be folks read the blogs, and perhaps they can make OUR illegal immigration problem a more serious subject. It is becoming more serious everyday, yet as liberals you won’t see it purposely as it doesn’t fit their agenda and they need the liberal (non-white) vote, so they don’t want to create any waves. I feel for the good Latino folks affected in the area, but they need to quietly let the police know what is going on in their neighborhood. We know it can get them killed, but it can get us all killed, and remaining quiet, only allows it to get worse………

  • 2016-06-03 at 5:30 pm

    I have heard of Reality TV, now we have Reality Blogging?

    Without knowing what the reason was that the police were doing what they did today, somwonw who writes like a “trump wannabe” is making up his/her own world.. Sad.

    What ever happened to finding out the facts before putting brain in gear and wrtiting???

  • 2016-06-04 at 8:03 am

    Dear Leesburgsfinest,

    Without making any assumptions about your political affiliations as you have made about mine, I invite you to have a cup of coffee or tea or whatever and let’s find out the facts of who we really are. It’s really easy just cast stones in the public print media but much harder when that person is sitting infront of you. I have no political agenda as you have described in your letter and I hope that our community cannot be torn apart so easily by your mis-statements. My contact email is: [email protected]. I do hope to hear from you.

  • 2016-06-04 at 12:09 pm

    One should never take Leesburgfinest (NOT!) very seriously – after all, there is nothing he has to say worth listening to. What really matters, is that as a community, we do not follow the lead of such haters, and instead, do the right things for the right reasons.

  • 2016-06-04 at 12:21 pm

    Tony – Perhaps you should become informed and possibly be more involved in the news as there are several local affiliates, DC, national and even international. I get a good dose, unlike most conservatives and liberals, who only pullute their brains with one-sided news-source, and never even seek out another possible outlet. It’s likely you don’t live in Leesburg and could truly care less about our Town concerns as they don’t impact you directly. Firstly, I do not support Donald Trump, especially deportation (unless violent or gang members), and every time he speaks I turn off the tv as I do when the serial liar Hillary does (I did the same with Bush, especially after he let Powell go). I loathe criminals, especially those who should not be in our country. I put my own brother in prison for 6 years if that’s any indication of the extent of how much I loathe criminals. Perhaps you didn’t know that I give bags on new clothing to the Latinos standing on Plaza Street, openly give at church so the money can support the local Latino community, give an extra $5.00 tip to the Latino waitress just because, have my white daughter give a couple of bucks to the obviously poor Latino kid at the store just because, my wife tutors a Latino girl for free just because, etc. You see that’s who most of who us non-liberal, non-Democrat people are….. We aren’t registered Republicans…. We actually loathe the party system… What we have now in politics is embarrassing with liars, name-callers, etc. Most of us just want our country protected, a better economy, and several other variables. What concerns me on a local level, is that most politicians have been relatively quiet about their broader political beliefs until recently. The likes of Evan MacBeth have been working in reverse and it’s scary to think about what he’s been conspiring as his primary “pet project” involves our kids and he continues to organize, by his own admission, with all regional members of the Democrat Party, and they are very well organized. Secondly, WUSA 9 reported early in the morning that the home in question was raided due to MS-13 involvement, and coupled with the missing Latino teenager, who was the younger brother of the previously convicted illegal alien MS-13 20-year old who was running drugs, carrying guns, initiating youth, terrorizing innocent folks, etc. in and around the Plaza Street geographic area, it is probably safe to draw many parallels to situation. I cast spells as it is my past, and I am a learned man with a broad history, perhaps unlike you, who actually cares about the future of his Town and isn’t blind or afraid to speak about the wrongs of our communities. Our existing and wanna-be politicians will not touch the REAL problems with our Town as they just want to talk about the touchy-feely subjects (funding for parks, talking about state transportation projects, etc.). I’ve watched as PWC has spiraled into an MS-13 mess, the same way that Sterling Park has as evidenced by the recent murder, and it is moving through parts of Ashburn now as evidenced by recent taggings and arrests. It was obvious way back in 2002 when one of the first BIG MS-13 fights occurred in Leesburg that the local police were ill prepared to tackle the problem and it was overwhelming evident yesterday morning that they were still ill prepared as they needed to call upon the Feds to intervene. My point to all of this is, it starts with the Mayor and Town Council who need open the dialogue versus continue to act like typical liberals, dismissing issues, while hoodlum MS-13 are running rampant victimizing good folks within and outside the community regardless of their status. What I don’t want is for someone to go to a local park and come across either a dead body, walk into the middle of a Gang dispute while with their kids, etc. As things are going, it will happen and you never, ever see the police on the trails, at parks, etc., which is scary as most Leesburg residents feel safe, but the perception isn’t reality. The police need to have more involvement in the Latino community….. There are too many smiling, white faces on the force… I am not about racial quotas in some respects, but have felt that police forces need to accurately reflect the color of the community and it doesn’t seem to reflect ours…. The Latino community also needs to present information about gang activity within their neighborhood…. Yes, it can get them harmed, but it can be done on the down-low… They need to trust the police, which seems to be a massive issue… Our Government needs to brainstorm and open some $$$ and bring in a consultant before this gets truly out of hand. Perhaps there is Federal money for this…. So the guy who was just convicted spent 6 months in jail before sentencing and was given 2 years Federal time. Under their guidelines, he serves approximately 75% then gets deported. In about a year, he is free, gets deported then will likely be back in Leesburg again with a gun, dealing drugs, drafting our little kids to be part of MS-13, etc. That’s our porous borders and criminal gangs….. Just hope they don’t ever affect anyone reading…. Ron – you align with everything left as you are a Registered Democrat correct?? Not knocking you, but I hope you can at least by a STAND-UP guy and not a yes-man as Evan MacBeth doesn’t have a brain of his own. His mentality is worse than that of Susan Rice on the Sunday Morning talk show. Look, I have conservative and liberal values, and like Colin Powell, I admire him as he voted for both Bush and Obama. He stood up to Bush and was fired and ultimately voted (his conscience) for Obama. He has had some angst over some of Obama’s decisions, but as a member of Bush’s Cabinet, he was fired for not being a yes-man. Evan MacBeth is an utter yes-man who has nothing, but an utter ultra left-wing ideology and could easily be the mouth-piece for Obama at this very moment even if it meant lying every morning and every afternoon as his spokesperson. We don’t need a yes-man for this Town. This wasn’t expected on a busy weekend with the in-laws and kids activities, so I didn’t proofread. Ron – Enjoy the weekend and I pray it stays dry for us all! I will contact you and look forward to meeting! Not trying to come across too strong. Tough to gauge online verbiage… Just want to open some dialogue…… I do want more positive, positive, positive outreach between all of our interconnected neighborhoods…..

  • 2016-06-05 at 8:03 pm

    Words to the left of us. Words to the right of us. Words before us, all volley and thunder! from the great Leesburgfinest (Not!). Maybe, after the November election, we can see a lot less wordsmiths like Tom Dunn and Katie Hammler, and more normal people on the Leesburg Town Council.

  • 2016-06-06 at 8:37 pm

    Laugh/Laugh – You are a nobody to me. I would expect Ron to dodge every hard question and fail to respond to anything in writing on LN while only wanting to meet with me. I would like to meet while with someone from the newspaper to ask some hard questions…….. I would also like to meet with Evan to ask some very hard questions…. Nobody else… I would also ask the very same hard questions to Tom and Katie as they serve the same public and we all have the same problems, which need to be addressed and there is no assurance that they will address them….. I’ve stated before that I want Bruce on the Council because he is a proven businessman, unlike others before and currently on the Council, and I don’t care about his ideology. I think he could benefit the Town economically, given time…. If MS-13 isn’t serious, and your police force is not being properly prepared, nor your Town Council having a clue because they deem it a Federal issue, then you are the next victim and deserve it…. Please elect a liberal, so we can buy more water features, so more MS-13 can run rampant in our Town……..Perhaps we can fund another $1,000,000.00+ skateboard park, minus additional cost, in lieu of providing the police actual resources, so they can employ a gang unit or discuss what they need with the Council to combat the problem.

  • 2016-06-07 at 1:04 pm

    Oh, gee, Leesburgfinest (Not!) I feel so bad (Not!) that you do not want to be friends. Maybe, what a poster of your caliber should do, is post truthful statements about people, and stop pretending that you have relevant things to say about those seeking election in the Leesburg Town elections. There is so much there to actually comment on, such as Tom Dunn and his anger issues, and Katie Hammler and her “oh, where am I today” position shifting, and the perhaps soon to be Ken “So what if I can’t tell the truth about my running for elections” Reid.

  • 2016-06-07 at 2:49 pm

    Beware of those who claim no party politics and no agenda, because they are the worst offenders. Just like Fernando Martinez the Councilman and Democrat party Chair who claims to be non-partisan. He is not being honest to everyone or just his Party members. Ron “I wanted to be Mayor” Campbell says he has no political agenda. Well he has either no idea what he is saying or he has no use for the truth. He is a politician but claims no political agenda. By running for public office he is a politician; maybe it is that Campbell has no plan. But he has a political email with matching website so he must have a plan or agenda. Hold on let me go check it out…………………………ok I’m back. He has no plan. So he has no ideas and he is a politician. A highly qualified Democrat ready for public office. I think he should be Hillary’s VP choice!

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