Effort to Save Rhinos Comes to Loudoun

National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence Dereck and Beverly Joubert will make an exclusive appearance at Stone Tower on Sunday to discuss their efforts to save rhinos from a rise in illegal poaching in South Africa.

They founded Rhinos without Borders in an effort to save the rhino from extinction by moving them to Botswana where poaching is virtually non-existent.

Stone Tower Winery founders Michael and Kristi Huber met the Jouberts on a recent trip to South Africa and offered to host a fundraiser during the Jouberts’ next visit to Washington.

There were once more than 100 species of rhinos, but only five exist today. Since 1960, the population of black rhinos in Africa has decreased from 60,000 to 25,000. More than 1,000 rhinos are killed each year for their horns, which can bring more than $60,000 per pound on the black market. With rhino poaching at an all-time high, concerned conservationists need to be proactive.

“So many people are unaware of the tragic situation taking place. We’re here to raise awareness and take a stand to support the work of Rhinos Without Borders,” Michael Huber said.

The fundraising event is co-hosted by John Fahey, chairman emeritus of the National Geographic Society, and his wife, Heidi, along with Jeff and Lauri Zell, of JM Zell Partners. The event includes wine tastings and food prepared by some of the area’s finest caterers.

The June 5 event runs from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, or to buy tickets for the event, go to stonetowerwinery.com.

To learn more about the organization or to donate directly, go to: rhinoswithoutborders.com.

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