Macbeth Kicks Off Council Campaign

A longtime campaign volunteer and organizer has launched his own campaign for political office.

Evan Macbeth kicked off his Leesburg Town Council campaign Sunday afternoon. He is running for one of three council seats up for grabs in November’s general elections. Although he has been a longtime campaigner for many local races, and a former chairman of the Loudoun County Democratic Committee, Macbeth is not a newcomer to running for office. He ran for county treasurer last fall, challenging five-term incumbent H. Roger Zurn Jr. Most recently, Macbeth organized the Educate Don’t Segregate activist group opposing the Loudoun County School Board’s proposal to assign a large percentage of the town’s low-income and English Language Learner elementary students to two schools.

Surrounded by family, friends and supporters at the pavilion behind Rust Library, Macbeth said his family is the reason he is throwing his hat into the ring after years of helping others get elected to political office.

“This is why,” he said, nodding to his children, Natalie and Henry, who flanked him during his kickoff speech.

He said he wanted to make sure that Leesburg continues to be a place where children can grow and spend the rest of their lives – going to school, working here, settling down with their own families and retiring.

“That is what it means to have a hometown,” he said.

Several local politicians came out in support of Macbeth for his kickoff. Supervisor Kristen Umstattd (D-Leesburg), Leesburg Vice Mayor Kelly Burk and Sen. Jennifer Wexton (D-33) all offered remarks in support of Macbeth. Leesburg Mayor David Butler, School Board member Tom Marshall (Leesburg) and fellow council candidate Gwen Pangle were also in attendance.

Wexton said she was “so impressed by the amazing energy and depth of knowledge” Macbeth brings to his endeavors. She encouraged those in attendance to support his campaign for office, as he has done for so many others.

“Now that he’s finally decided to take the plunge I couldn’t be happier. It’s time for us to do for him what he did for us,” she said.

Macbeth is the latest challenger to announce a council campaign, joining Ron Campbell, John Hilton and Pangle. They are running for the seats currently held by council members Katie Hammler, Tom Dunn and Bruce Gemmill. While Gemmill recently announced he will not seek re-election, Hammler and Dunn have stayed mum on their plans.

5 thoughts on “Macbeth Kicks Off Council Campaign

  • 2016-05-16 at 8:28 pm

    I’ve had the opportunity to read the data on, Facebook webpage Evan MacBeth – For Loudoun and other on-site resources, and this man is tantamount to Obama and doesn’t care to disguise it on a local level, which in the past most politicians have done. He is choosey with many words to disguise his “true” intent, but in reality, he is an utterly far left wing liberal intent upon destroying the pocketbooks of the middle-class. Mixed with several existing Town Council members, such as Kelly Burk, as other vying for Town Council, and Leesburg will be a liberal haven. His time, efforts and our tax dollars will likely be spent towards all of his “pet projects” in lieu of the good of all Leesburg residents, not the tenants that keep floating around from a Sterling to Herndon to Reston to Leesburg….. Just a few comments with more to come due to time constraints. In regards to your 7 great reasons to vote for you Blog….. 1. Amongst going to all the restaurants and coffee runs, you don’t mention anything about patronizing the Leesburg 4th of July, Christmas and similar type Parades downtown…. Do you attend?? I find it interesting that someone soooo involved with Leesburg can’t recall events, or possibly just doesn’t attend similar type Christian/American events. I know you tend to support the ultra-liberal causes, but was wondering……. 2. #2 and #6 discuss transportation, but are you going to be ignorant as Kelly Burk, and suggest that Leesburg pay for roadway improvements (such as she did previously with 15 North) directly without other financial support, which would have very little bearing on the residents and primarily only help out of Town and State folks?? 3. You seem to have a massive pre-disposition for exploiting the plight of the brown and black school diversity issue, while a massive amount of poverty exists with Caucasians. Your webpages are littered with photos including zero white children and you seem to be unaware that poor crosses many boundaries. This is very complex, but the Town would have little say within the school system. I would hope at some point that Virgina, Loudoun and Leesburg would stop being a haven for illegal aliens as it overcrowds our schools now, every person that reproduces in the future will increase overcrowding, it increases our tax burden, it increases criminality, etc. These are facts…. 4. I agree with the Town looking into and introducing alternative and cost effective sustainable development. Due to long-term ROI issues, we must be wise about investments as we need to be cognizant of our taxes. Leesburg seems to be very creative with a tax for each way the wind blows…. They are killing businesses…. 5. More jobs…. Sounds like you want to employ local people to work local? Most of the Town staff is white and doesn’t live in Leesburg, and there is a push to bring the quota up to the percentages to meet the Town percentages, which would essentially hire a non-white for every white that leaves their position. Does this meet your liberal perspective? 7. Community – Evan, you have a false belief that we have a “community”. I would venture that a good 20% of our town speaks little to no English and 25% (of the 38% of foreigners) cares not to assimilate, thus they do not attend the 4th of July Parade, promote or at least respect American values, learn full English, etc. This is your base….. These are the non-tax paying patrons and tenants of our Town that you will PANDER and CATER to. Like the previous Mayor, I will very likely, never, ever see you in my neighborhood. The folks in your neighborhood may only see you because you live there. Otherwise, you, Ron, Kelly and others know where you will spend all your time pandering. I do want to note, as a good citizen and American (you Liberals will always try and spout otherwise), but I will continue to donate thousands directly to your causes, give to the church so it can go to liberal causes, volunteer time to help educate Latinos, give new and second-hand belongings to help those Jess fortunate, etc. I/We can voice angry opposition to your ideology, and you personally, but we still help, especially in support the of the kids, but your efforts to destroy this Nation, starting one town at a time, needs to be stopped. End of tirade….

  • 2016-05-17 at 12:03 pm

    Wow, Leesburgfinest, quite the run-on. But in fewer words, let me say, Leesburg needs to vote out Tom Dunn, and Katie Hammler. There.

  • 2016-05-17 at 6:52 pm


    Nothin’ but negatives for that guy. Leesburgsfinest points out many of them and he’s unhinged on top of that.

    Vote for whom you will vote for, but don’t vote for Evan Macbeth.

    Crazy Evan! His Policies are Innnnnn-sane!

  • 2016-05-18 at 12:09 am

    These papers go out of their liberal way to ensure the chief liberal Umstattd gets in every photo and news story. Umstattd has shown herself to be a liar and anyone that supports her or who she supports or those who donate to her campaigns must endorse her lying ways. I thought better of Butler but I guess I was wrong. It is great to see McBeck and Pangle are running on the “agree with us or get out” ticket. There is no substance to this article which means there was none at the kickoff. All it says is MCBeck wants Leesburg to continue as it is. So why is he running then?? Oh Wexton explains: It’s time for party insiders to return favors to McBeck. So this is a big Democrat party thing in Leesburg non-partisian elections.

    Oh how democrats love control, let me count the ways, Control – Butler, Control – Burk, Control – Wright, Control – Hammler, Control – McBeck, Control – Campbell, Control – Pangle, Control ring leader – Martinez. No they just want to get along all friendly like. Until anyone disagrees and then it will be lies right out of the old Umstattdt play book.

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