Letter: Mike Panchura, Sterling

Editor: Our Founding Fathers must be looking down and laughing at today’s mobs, snobs, and nattering nabobs who are insulting Donald Trump to help elect Hillary Clinton.

Compared to the way our Founders had vilified each other, today’s mobs, snobs, and nattering nabobs who are insulting Trump are basically playing patty-cake.

The mobs, described by Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke as “a conglomeration of misfits,” are trying their best to attack Trump by cursing and hurling insults at him, but they haven’t even come close to the political savagery practiced by our Founders.

For example, according to Ron Chernow’s book “Alexander Hamilton,” John Adams actually referred to George Washington as, get this, “Old Muttonhead,” Thomas Jefferson paid a writer to call Adams a “hoary-headed incendiary,” Aaron Burr was tagged as a “debauchee,” and Hamilton was branded as a “Creole b*st*rd.”  Oh my! That’s brutal stuff and seems to have been much more effective than the comparatively weak invective hurled at Trump by Hillary’s gang of misfits.

The snobs are also doing their best to insult Trump, but their efforts seem pretty lame.

For example, Congresswoman Barbara Comstock is quoted as smugly calling Trump “a Democrat from New York” whose “daddy gave him his money,” and former Virginia House Delegate David Ramadan is quoted as pompously charging Trump as “an authoritarian, a populist.”  While those are pretty good insults, they pale in comparison to the vitriolic diatribes that our Founders had slung at each other.

The “nattering nabobs of negativism” (i.e., the “media” as described by NY Times columnist William Safire) have also deployed their poison-pen artists to insult Trump in order to help elect Hillary. Locally, the Washington Post and the Loudoun Times-Mirror journalists have been attacking Trump frequently.

For example, the Times-Mirror’s Editorial Board recently criticized Trump for “cutting down trees to improve his view at his Potomac Falls country club.” That’s a fairly good insult, but surely they can do better than that, and you have to wonder if they would have slammed George Washington for cutting down that cherry tree 250 years ago.

Now I can just imagine Jefferson, Adams, Hamilton, et al, sitting at a table in The City Tavern in Philadelphia, drinking some ale, discussing the attacks on Trump by today’s mobs, snobs, and nattering nabobs, and saying to each other, “Is that all they got?”

I can also imagine how Trump may react when he comes to Loudoun County and our local mobs, snobs, and nattering nabobs decide to confront him to his face with their insults. I’ll bet the Founders will be very impressed with his response.

Mike Panchura, Sterling

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