Letter: Roland England, Neersville

Editor: For more than 40 years I have watched a rising tide of development flowing from the east across Loudoun. Once it was thought the western mountains would be spared the flood.

Now, it seems the forces ready to pave over Loudoun are rising ever higher. Must this deluge reach even to the mountain top and leave its ugly scar?

Our congregation has a church home in the peaceful valley between the Short Hill and Blue Ridge mountains. Easter mornings before the sun peeks over the mountain, we gather on the Raymond Farm next door to our church. Then we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection as we watch the sun rise above the Short Hill. But AT&T’s planned data dump on Short Hill Mountain may become an eyesore we view for all Easters to come.

Isn’t Loudoun better than this?

Roland England, Neersville

Pastor, Christain Community Church at St Paul’s

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