Hamilton Councilman Found Guilty in Paul Campaign Payment Scandal

Dimitri Kesari and two other former Ron Paul presidential campaign staff members were found guilty on federal charges stemming from allegations they funneled money to an Iowa state senator in 2012 in exchange for his endorsement.

Kesari, a Leesburg business owner and member of the Hamilton Town Council, was convicted Thursday on charges of conspiracy, causing false records and making false statements as part of a scheme. He was Paul’s deputy campaign manager.

Also convicted by the federal jury were Paul campaign Chairman Jesse Benton, who is the candidate’s son-in-law, and Campaign Manager John Tate.

The trial was the second dealing with the campaign’s $73,000 payment to a company owned by Sen. Kent Sorenson. Last year, a judge dismissed several charges before trial and a jury deadlocked on the charge against Kesari.

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