Flow Yoga’s May First Friday Event Supports Women—In More Ways Than One

Although the connection at first may not seem obvious, a properly fitting bra and the practice of yoga have a lot in common. Both inspire confidence, promote physical health and improve self-image. Women know the support of a kind, honest friend while bra shopping can be as critical as a life vest during a ship wreck. Students of yoga know a warm, accepting community of practitioners can encourage life-changing revelations and nurture deep personal growth.

In both settings, a core group of women is likely to be found. It’s fitting, then—on many levels— that May, the month of mom, also marks Flow Yoga’s First Friday collaboration with Best Rack Around.

Visitors will first be guided through a free yoga class, followed by expert consultation with Nanette Parsons, owner and proprietor of a specialty bra shop in Leesburg’s Market Station. “We want to highlight all different types of sports and athletic bras available to active women,” Parsons said. “We understand that some women may participate in yoga one day, and run the next, and it is important these active women understand and utilize the proper foundations based on their physical activities.”

Instructor Suzy Powell will lead the one-hour class, which is appropriate for everyone from first-time students to seasoned practitioners. “Our First Friday yoga class is a way for us to share the benefits of yoga with our local community,” Chris Oemler, an instructor at Flow and organizer of the May 6 event, said. “Our May First Friday with Best Rack Around is our way of honoring women, through all phases of life. We want to support our students not only from the ground up in their practice, but also the inside out so they glow and radiate their unique beauty, no matter what!”

May’s First Friday installment also serves as a preview of an event Flow Yoga intends to host this fall in honor and support of women who have survived, or are suffering from, breast or ovarian cancer. The upcoming open house “will bring together healers, educators and those touched by these diseases as a way to show our support and care for those who have suffered, or are suffering through the experience,” Oemler said.

Parsons, too, will play a part in the September/October activities. “As neighbors here at Market Station, [I] know [Flow Yoga] believes in actively giving back to the community and also works with so many women going through cancer,” said Parsons, who specializes in fitting bras for breast cancer patients.

While Flow’s fall activities are still in the planning stages, in the immediate term, the entire community is invited to stop by May 6 to learn more about Flow’s philosophy, class offerings and upcoming community events. “Flow Yoga’s mission is to help people to be happier and healthier and our community events are aimed at creating a feeling of being at home, with ourselves, and in our own skin,” Oemler said. May’s First Friday class, specifically, “just seemed like the perfect match for us to share yoga and to care for our bodies through practice and the support of a good bra.”

Flow Yoga’s First Friday class and athletic bra showcase begins at 6 p.m. and is free and open to the public. For details, schedule and event information, go to gowithityoga.com.

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