Letter: Mary Anne Graham, Round Hill

Editor: Town elections will be held Tuesday, May 3. I would once again be honored if the voters of Round Hill  would re-elect me as one of their Tow Council members.

Because current town revenues are limited; the council will need to look for new sources through commercial development on the east edge of town and expanding the tax base by bringing more properties within the corporate limits. I have attended public input sessions regarding the eastern commercial district and contributed to Planning Commission discussion for this critical property. This gateway to Round Hill will add needed revenue to the town, but also should serve as an attractive focus for the community.

Bringing additional land within the corporate limits is important to increase the town’s tax base but it cannot be done without careful analysis to ensure the tradeoffs are beneficial. I look forward to working toward this goal.

The town is looking for additional wells to meet future water needs and to serve as backup for existing wells. I bring many years of experience with water/sewer projects as the Utility Committee chair, both with the sewer plant expansion, and the search for additional wells. Providing wastewater treatment and drinking water that meets federal and state standards is paramount to the well-being of our citizens. Maintaining the infrastructure requires wise management of current systems as well as looking ahead.

The Main Street and the Franklin Park Trail projects are ongoing. Completing these projects is important, although the town must rely on county and VDOT participation to bring to completion.

Round Hill has family-friendly events in the Town Park which should be continued with council support. Planning for a Sleeter Lake Park is finally advancing after many years. The reality of having a boat launch and fishing pier now look more promising.

I have been an active and dedicated council member for many years, working with fellow council members and town staff in all these areas.

I would appreciate your vote on May 3 to continue to do so. Thank you.

Mary Anne Graham, Round Hill

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