Ashburn Mom’s Invention Named TODAY Show’s ‘Next Big Thing’

An Ashburn mom’s invention inspired by her son’s stinky lacrosse gear won the TODAY Show’s Next Big Thing contest this morning.

The first-place finish in the national contest means Krista Woods can sell her product, GloveStix, on QVC’s show “Saturday Morning Q” tomorrow. GloveStix is a portable odor-management solution that kills bacteria, absorbs moisture and deodorizes athletic gloves, shoes, boots and skates.

In a phone interview with Loudoun Now after she stepped off the TODAY Show set this morning, Woods said the news that she’d won had not quite set in yet. “It’s been the most amazing, incredible, emotional journey. It’s just surreal.”

The product garnered enough votes yesterday to make it to the final round of the contest. From there, Woods and two other “momtrepreneurs” pitched their products to a panel of judges—QVC’s Doug Howe, TODAY contributor Jill Martin and TODAY co-anchor Savannah Guthrie—on the TODAY Show this morning.

In Woods’ pitch for her solution to stink, she said GloveStix would solve “the world’s stink problem one athlete at a time. Just put the sticks in and get the stink out.”

It’s no telling where Woods and the product could go from here. The first winner of the TODAY Show’s Next Big Thing sold out of her product, GoodHangups, within minutes of sales opening on QVC, and she left with a long list of backorders.

Asked how far she’d like to take her invention, Woods said, “I’ll stop when every athlete has a pair.”

Watch the TODAY Show clips here, and learn more about GloveStix at


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