Ashburn Mom’s Invention Named Finalist in TODAY Show Contest

An Ashburn mom gave the business pitch of a lifetime on the TODAY Show this morning, and has been named a finalist in the show’s Next Big Thing contest.

Krista Woods, a mother of three, entered her GloveStix invention into the contest. GloveStix is a portable odor-management solution that kills bacteria, absorbs moisture and deodorizes athletic gloves, shoes, boots and skates. She invented the product after being overwhelmed by the smells coming from her kids and their equipment after picking them up from sports practices.

Viewers can help Woods advance in the contest by voting for GloveStix here before 5 p.m. today. The top three inventors who receive the most votes in their category will return to TODAY tomorrow, where the panel of judges will select a winner. The winning inventor will get to sell their product on QVC’s show “Saturday Morning Q” on Saturday.

[See her pitch from the TODAY Show this morning here.]

Woods says she’s “on a mission to stop the stink.”

“After a really smelly car ride following a lacrosse tournament, I decided something had to be done about the stinky gear bags,” Woods stated in a press release announcing the TODAY Show’s contest. “I had no idea where to start, but I wanted to create a safe, all-natural product. Inventing GloveStix has been a fun journey, and I’m so honored that it is being considered as TODAY’s Next Big Thing.”

About a year after Woods came up with the idea, GloveStix is now sold in 19 retail locations in seven states. For more information about GloveStix, go to

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