Letter: John W. Payne, Purcellville

Editor: It is an adage in Purcellville that every candidate is for slow growth up to, but not necessarily after, voters go to the polls.

Chris Bledsoe and Ned Ogelman, who are running for seats on the town council, are the genuine article, the real McCoy, so to speak. As members of the Planning Commission, both have doggedly resisted determined efforts to spur fast growth through annexations and zoning changes that would dramatically change the town’s character and alter irrevocably the lives of the people who live here.

Their views on fiscal responsibility, the town debt and taxes also should gladden the heart of anyone with a sense of fiscal responsibility. And, they have both been prominent advocates of open and transparent government, regarding themselves as the servants, not the masters, of the people they serve.

Important for those reasons alone for them to win election. It is equally important to look at the voting records of the incumbents who are seeking re-election, and their allies, to look past their rhetoric and campaign slogans and, instead, focus on where they have taken the town and to ask whether that direction is consistent with a policy of slow growth and a government willing to listen to the wishes of the people.

In that regard, Chris and Ned, while they are, indisputably, their own men, support the general policies of Mayor Kwasi Fraser and the always estimable Town Council Member Karen Jimmerson, often in the minority in this council, who have fought for solid business practices, open government, slow growth and fiscal responsibility.

And both are men with active families who share their vision for a community based on the small town values Purcellville has always stood for: democracy with a small “ d”, intelligent business practices, slow growth and a quality of life that most of us value and for the reasons that led us to come here in the first place.

John W. Payne, Purcellville


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