Letter: David L. Eno, Purcellville

Editor:  I usually don’t look forward to the first round of spring cleaning because it’s a bittersweet chore. But, after it’s done I feel 100 percent better and am ready to take on the rest of the year with renewed spirit—and a clean house. On May 3, the voters of Purcellville get a splendid chance to put democracy into action and do a thorough job of spring cleaning of the town council.

It’s time to sweep out three incumbents who have systematically managed to thwart the clearly expressed wishes of a majority of town residents and business people. A lot of examples of this group’s tone deaf actions could be cited, but the Vineyard Square project stands out as the most visible and personally offensive. Countless articles in local papers have detailed the utter unsuitability of this outsized project on 21st Street, but in a nutshell it can be characterized as a monstrosity which will poison our historic downtown. Yes, constant renewals and improvements in town are both needed and desirable, but this project is not the kind of revitalization that will improve our small town either financially or socially.

Other examples of the handiwork of this group of three incumbents are: cheerfully plunging the town into outrageous debt, verbally dancing around annexation as a means of generating revenue, slow walking the Comprehensive Plan review – and plenty of others too dreary to recite.

So, let’s be clear on what I believe to be the best course to follow in the May 3 elections. Mayor Fraser and councilwoman Jimmerson have provided a healthy breath of fresh air, responsiveness to citizens’ wishes and energy into the council these past two years but they need more supporting votes from council members to turn back the misdirections of the Lazaro years. I wholeheartedly support and recommend four slow growth, financially responsible candidates, namely Chris Bledsoe, Nedin Ogleman, Ryan Cool and Keli Grimm as our best hope to reverse the course of previous councils and begin the process of managing town affairs responsive to the wishes and values of a majority of Purcellville’s residents and business people.

David L. Eno, Purcellville

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