Letter: Joan Lehr, Purcellville

Editor: I am surprised at my opponent Mayor Fraser’s concerns over the placement of the reservoir and its watershed into a conservation easement by an earlier council.  His arguments against growth and development would seem to run counter to his views  on the inability of the town to allow the sale and/or development of parts of this very important property.

This past Saturday, Mayor Fraser stated that there was no need for a conservation easement, since four generations councils have taken care of the property.  In the next sentence he stated that placing this piece of property into easement was harmful to current and future generations of citizens. I have to ask how? How is preserving a resource (water) as well as some green space going to have a negative impact on us or future generations. It seems hypocritical that the mayor and several of his fellow candidates would speak against most annexation or growth and yet be willing to attack the smart “green” policies of the past.

If we want to continue to be good stewards of the land the conservation easement should only help us.  It prevents the land around our reservoir from being developed for anything other than the Towns water supply. It keeps our drinking water safe.

Joan Lehr, Purcellville

[Note: The writer is a Town Council member who is running for mayor in the May 3 municipal election.]

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