History Comes to Life at Catoctin Elementary

Catoctin Elementary School transformed into a museum of Virginia history Friday.

The exhibits came in the form of fourth-grade students playing the roles of Thomas Jefferson, Patsy Cline and other men and women who left their mark on the history of the commonwealth and the nation.

The students stood as little statues inside the school gymnasium and, with a tap on the shoulder from a visitor, came to life. Fully in character, the students rattled off a memorized, 60-second synopsis of the historical figure’s life.

This is the 10th year fourth-grade teacher Linda Knapp has had her students put on the Wax Museum. She started the program at a school in Sterling and brought the idea with her when she transferred to Catoctin Elementary School six years ago.

She’s heard from students years later say they still remember what they learned through their experience with the Wax Museum.

“It’s not just facts that they’re memorizing, but it’s something they get to experience,” Knapp said. She also sees it as an opportunity to stretch students. “It draws out the quietest kids, and they really have fun with it.”

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