Letter: Derek Tobias, Leesburg

Editor: In your article, Tech-Savvy Educators: Loudoun Schools Begin Final BYOT Roll Out, I was very surprised to find out how much our school systems are now depending on students to bring their own electronic devices.

Although, in theory, the BYOT program should benefit students by giving additional resources on hand, many students misuse this privilege, negatively affecting the learning abilities of others. Sure, the determined and diligent students make good use of this privilege, but what of the rest? Every day at school, there are students using their electronic devices, not for school, but for entertainment. While I am trying to learn important lessons during school, I am often distracted by the many visual and audible effects of electronic devices from other students who are not using the BYOT program for its intended purpose.

Electronic devices can be very helpful in the classroom, but when the teacher says for everyone to get out their devices to use on an assignment, what happens with the students who do not have those devices? What do these students do? Nothing? This is completely unfair. If these devices cannot be provided to all students, and they are not being used for the intended purposes, then why allow it?

In addition to the side effects of the BYOT program, it has been proven by science that students who write their notes down on paper retain much more information than those who type up their notes. With these facts, is depending on personal electronic devices at school really the best idea for the upcoming generation of the American people?

Derek Tobias, Leesburg

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