Journalist Dan Morrow and the Art of the Deadline

For aspiring writers, the upcoming Writers Project Runway conference is a chance to hear from some of Loudoun’s most accomplished writers. One of those voices belongs to the local journalist and non-fiction writer Dan Morrow.

Morrow’s Project Runway workshop, “Turbulence and its Discontents,” will describe his experience as a journalist, news executive and non-fiction author, passionate from his college days about history and racial equality.

Morrow is a co-founder of and columnist for the monthly Middleburg Eccentric, a former Washington Post market research director and author of the 2013 non-fiction historical crime thriller “Murder in Lexington” about a love triangle and murder in pre-Civil War Virginia.

One of Morrow’s focus at the April 2 workshop is the pain and joy of the deadline, a key subject for any writer.

“One of the nice things about working for a newspaper is you have to write it and once you’ve written it, it’s done and there’s nothing you can do about it,” Morrow said.

When working on “Murder in Lexington,” the absence of outside deadlines became a problem. Morrow found a solution by serializing the book in monthly installments in the Eccentric.

Morrow’s workshop will touch on the importance of the deadline, along with his lifelong commitment to civil rights and the role of journalists and writers in making the world a better place.

Morrow says he’s also looking forward to attending some of the Writers Project Runway workshops himself—particularly David Sackrider’s playwriting talk—since Morrow is currently in discussions with the Rockbridge Historical Society about turning “Murder in Lexington” into a play.

“I’m hoping to learn something from what looks like a great set of speakers,” Morrow said.



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