Letter: Anthony V. Fasolo, Leesburg

Editor: On Friday, Feb. 26, Dr. Ather Anis and his team inserted a stent into an 80 percent clogged artery in my body and saved my life.

I went home the next day and have been feeling fine ever since.  I want to thank not only Dr. Anis, his team and the staff but also Dr. Hogan and the staff at the emergency facility in Leesburg where I went Thursday night before being transported to Lansdowne.

Dr. Chanda and all the nurses and techs at the Inova Loudoun Hospital were also very caring and took showed real concern me. Everyone in both places were very concerned and professional. The procedure was so painless that I even asked them when they were going to start they were already almost done!

All is going well. I saw my regular doctor on Monday, Dr. Tareq Abedin and he put me on a strict diet of organic veggies and fruit. (avoid processed foods). Stay hydrated. I am also very careful to take all the meds they gave me and to not exert myself. I am anxious to get back to working out but am only taking walks for now,  I also went to vote on  March 1, driving both ways with my wife.

So lessons learned:

  1. Don’t ignore chest pains (I had had several dull pins in my shoulder area for a few days before this one.)
  2. Call 911 and get an ambulance. Don’t do what I did. I drove myself.  The EMTs can start oxygen and run scans on the way to the ER so I could have been admitted faster. Then follow your doctor’s advice.

Again, can’t say enough good things about the doctors and staff at Inova. I have received several follow up calls  to make sure I am following the meds regime and doing well, so the caring continues.

Final lesson learned: “Tell all you love that you do love them. Do this every day and if you hold any grudges, get rid of them now.

Anthony V. Fasolo, Leesburg


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