Letter: Lou Gros Louis, Lansdowne

Editor: Here comes the cantankerous 85-year-old veteran of the Korean War complaining again that our distinguished Board of Supervisors has no “senior left behind” program in Loudoun County.

Despite the fact that an estimated 30,000 to 50,000 seniors make Loudoun County their home, are deeply interested in how our tax dollars are spent, and vote in every election, there has been no attention paid to seniors and our elderly handicapped gaining entrance to our public buildings.

As an example, Loudoun County purchased and spent thousands of our taxpayer dollars remodeling the building located at 801 Sycolin Road right next to the newly remodeled building housing our Sheriff’s Office. In addition to a new, positive work environment for Loudoun County employees, the Loudoun Credit Union occupies Suite 101 just inside the front door which is the crux of this issue. Many seniors and handicapped folks cannot open the two heavy, spring loaded doors into the building and into the lobby.

Now relegated to using a walker or cane determined by the severity of medical issues each day, this 85-year-old man cannot open these doors and many times has to stand outside and wait for a county employee or Credit Union customer to enter or exit the building. Considering our seniors will be participating financially in our first ever $1 dollar school budget, a rising county budget, and requests from charitable organizations, it just seems it is time for our Board of Supervisors to recognize this problem and install automatic door openers in all our Loudoun County buildings having public access entrances.

Perhaps this oversight was caused by the relative young ages of our Board of Supervisors and Loudoun County staff, but us old folks just can’t wait until they are seniors to recognize the problem.

Lou Gros Louis, Lansdowne


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