Letourneau, Meyer, Comstock Endorse Rubio

Supervisors Matthew F. Letourneau (R-Dulles) and Ron A. Meyer Jr. (R-Broad Run) announced today they endorse Marco Rubio for president, making them the first Loudoun County supervisors to publicly back a 2016 candidate for the White House.

They join Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA-10), who announced that she would support the first-term Senator a few weeks ago.

In an interview this afternoon, Letourneau said he was “troubled” by some of the things other front-runner candidates have said in debates and in the press.

“He’s [Rubio] expressed an optimistic vision for the country,” Letourneau said. “Frankly, it’s important to have someone who’s able to communicate his vision, and I think he’s the most talented communicator we’ve had on the Republican side for a long time.”

Meyer said even though he doesn’t agree with every detail of Rubio’s policies, his story and vision resonate.

“Marco Rubio’s personal story—growing up with working immigrant parents and struggling with student loans like millions of other Americans—informs his positive vision for America,” Meyer said.

Letourneau and Meyer also said Rubio is the most electable Republican candidate.

“It’s clear to me that he is the only candidate that has an optimistic vision that can ignite the Republican party and actually win an election,” Letourneau said.

“I think Marco Rubio’s personal story informs his politics, and his struggles with student loan debt and his upbringing with immigrant parents resonate with a lot of Americans who face the same circumstances,” Meyer said.

Meyer, the youngest-ever member of the Board of Supervisors at 26 years old, also said Rubio reaches young voters:

“Rubio is polling even with Hillary Clinton among younger voters, who Republicans lost by more than 20 percent in the last two elections,” Meyer said. “If Rubio maintain this favorability among young voters, it will ensure a conservative landslide in November.”

Also in an interview today, Comstock said she sees a lot of similarities between families in Northern Virginia and Rubio, noting his family as first generation American. “He understands freedom and the importance of national security,” she added.

She described him as optimistic and a collaborator. “People are really sick of the divisiveness from this president but also from other candidates in the race,” she said, referring to Trump. She also said she sees Rubio as the best chance Republicans have to win back the White House. “The Clintons are yesterday and yesterday is over. He’s the future. The next generation of leadership is what I think we need if we want to win in the fall.”

Virginia, Letourneau said, is “an absolutely critical state.” Meyer agreed that a candidate who can’t show Northern Virginians that he or she can govern is a candidate who can’t win the presidency.

“The idea of running on shutdown politics, or running on anger, I don’t think that works here in Northern Virginia,” Meyer said. “No candidate can win the presidential election without winning Virginia, and you can’t win Virginia without winning Northern Virginia.”

Rubio is planning a campaign stop in Loudoun County Sunday. See details here.

Danielle Nadler contributed to this story.

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