Letter: Georgia T. Nuckolls, Leesburg

Editor:  As a Loudoun County resident, parent with a child in Loudoun County Public Schools, and an HR professional of over 17 years, I have to say I’m incredibly disappointed. The NAACP needs to mind its own business and go “cry wolf” some place else.

At the end of the day, Loudoun County Public Schools needs to hire the best applicant based on education, background, and skills—not based on the color of their skin or who the NAACP says we need to hire. That’s my child’s education their messing with and we should not tolerate some “entitled” organization, clearly over reaching, telling our schools how to do business.

Diversity is a wonderful, and if the opportunity presents itself that’s great. If it does not, then that’s unfortunate. I don’t see anyone tearing apart DC schools for not hiring enough white teachers; do you? The situation is what it is. All are welcome to apply male, female, black, white, and disabled. And of all those applicants “the best” will be selected for hire. End of story.

If this is all the NAACP has to worry about it absolutely questions the organizations purpose, and very existence.

Georgia T. Nuckolls, Leesburg

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