UPDATE: School Officials Say Loudoun Valley Threat Is Unsubstantiated

Text messages from Loudoun Valley High School students that apparently indicated an attack would take place at the school tomorrow are unsubstantiated, according to school officials.

Wayde Byard, public information officer for Loudoun County Public Schools, said that the threat stems from a rumor started Friday that students were planning some sort of an attack. The school resource officer investigated and reported that the threat was unfounded.

“There’s nothing at all to it,” Byard said.

Law enforcement is expected to be on campus tomorrow as a precaution, according to an email sent from Principal Sue Ross to parents this evening.

Emotions have run high at the Purcellville high school in the last few days since a student apparently committed suicide near the school grounds Thursday.

See the full email from Ross:

“Good evening, this is Sue Ross, principal at Loudoun Valley.During the last few hours there have been numerous posts on social media saying that it is unsafe to attend Loudoun Valley tomorrow. Nothing could be further from the truth. Emotions ran high Friday at our school after the death of a student Thursday. Out of frustration, a student may have said something irresponsible that was overheard by other students. To their credit, these students reported these words to the administration immediately. The student was questioned and it was determined that there was no threat whatsoever. There was, and is, no credible threat to student and staff safety at Loudoun Valley. Purely as a precaution — and let me stress this — purely as a precaution, there will be extra law enforcement officers at Loudoun Valley tomorrow. Last Thursday, I asked our students to be responsible and mature when using social media and they responded beautifully. I would renew that request tonight knowing you will respond in the responsible manner I’ve come to expect of you. Thank you.”


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