Letter: S. Ann Robinson, Leesburg

Editor: Your Jan. 14 editorial, “The Next Step,” is spot on.  I couldn’t agree more … every word. And since the Leesburg Town Council is apparently without a true leader that a majority respect, I am going to request and recommend that they contact Kevin Wright to apply for and accept the interim mayor’s position.

As a resident of Leesburg for more than 25 years, I have been observant and closely involved in local town issues and budgetary hearings. To my knowledge, Kevin Wright never indulged in partisan maneuvering or backroom scheming for personal ambition or block voting. He had the respect of his colleagues on the Town Council and on the Planning Commission (and others), as well. Steeped in a long history of being rooted in serving the community of Leesburg, he brought his considerable intellect and knowledge to thoughtfully bear on all issues.

Moreover, although not a member of the Democratic Party, he was highly praised and promoted by David Butler in 2010, such that the local LCDC endorsed Mr. Wright for his re-election. Butler, Martinez, and Burk all campaigned for Kevin that year.

I also know for certain that Kevin Wright is highly respected by Katie Hammler, as well.

A true, independent, servant of the people of Leesburg, I think it only logical Kevin Wright should be solicited to fill our interim mayor’s role. He is definitely my first choice.

S. Ann Robinson, Leesburg

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