NoVa Launches On-road Emissions Tests


There’s no more need for Northern Virginia drivers to stop by the repair shop for that biennial emissions inspection.

A new program called RAPIDPASS Virginia allows owners of vehicles to meet their inspection requirement during their daily driving routines. Motorists can now drive through one of 150-plus sites throughout Northern Virginia equipped with on-road testing equipment to have their vehicle emissions measured.

The inspection locations are in five Northern Virginia cities and counties, including Loudoun County, according to a news release from ETEST Corp., which manages the testing centers.

Lawmakers and other community leaders gathered this morning in Falls Church to ceremonially kick off the program.

“RAPIDPASS is all about giving Virginians a choice that offers convenience and saves time and ultimately maintains the Commonwealth’s commitment to a healthier Virginia,” ETEST CEO Lothar Geilen stated. “RAPIDPASS inspections can be completed in less than a second during daily driving routines. This is a great example of how technology can help improve quality of life in the Commonwealth.”

Roadside remote sensing devices can measure emissions as a vehicle passes by, without impeding traffic flow, often without the driver knowing they have been tested. The machines use infrared scanning technology to measure emissions, speed and acceleration. A camera records the license plate number, which can be matched to state vehicle registries. Motorists will be mailed an invoice to cover the $28 cost of the inspection that can be paid by mail or online.

RAPIDPASS stems from 2012 legislation drafted by then-Del. Joe T. May (R-33), who represented western Loudoun County in the General Assembly. “Ninety percent of the vehicles in Northern Virginia are clean running vehicles,” May said in statement. “There is no reason we should not reward these motorists with an alternative testing option that will save time and reduce the inconvenience of obtaining an emission inspection at a traditional station.”

ETEST has deployed 15 RAPIDPASS on-road emissions systems, which will be moved around 150 mobile inspection sites throughout Northern Virginia. The locations are positioned on frequently used thoroughfares and will be rotated throughout the month. Weekly site locations are posted at For more information go to, call 1-844-727-7773 or email [email protected]


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