Draft Standards of Conduct Board of Supervisors Loudoun County, Virginia

Standards of Conduct

Board of Supervisors Loudoun County, Virginia

Recognizing that persons holding a position of public trust are under constant observation by the media and interested Loudoun County residents, and recognizing that maintaining the integrity and dignity of the public office is essential for maintaining high levels of public confidence in our institutions of government, every member of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors should adhere to the following Standards of Conduct.

  1. Avoid, during either public or private meetings and during the performance of public duties, the use of abusive, threatening or intimidating language or gestures directed at colleagues, citizens, or personnel.
  2. Pay all taxes due to the county, state or national government.
  3. Attend all regularly scheduled meetings of the Board of Supervisors and Committees to which he or she has been assigned, resigning whenever personal circumstances preclude regular attendance.
  4. Avoid a private lifestyle that casts doubt upon the integrity and competence of the Loudoun County government.
  5. Make a conscientious effort to be well prepared for each meeting.
  6. Offer constructive criticism of Loudoun County employees only in private meetings with appropriate individuals or in executive session.
  7. Respect the rights of colleagues to have different opinions. Enter into constructive and factual discussions when attempting to resolve issues or reach a consensus, refraining from disparaging remarks.
  8. Work to create a positive environment in public and private meetings, so that the environment is conducive to a productive dialogue between all parties and citizens will feel comfortable as observers or participants.
  9. Maintain an attitude of courtesy and consideration toward all citizens, colleagues and staff during all discussions and deliberations.
  10. Be open minded and patient. Allow all citizens, employees, or colleagues, sufficient opportunity to present their views.
  11. Be respectful and attentive. Avoid comments, body language or distracting activity that conveys a message of disrespect for the presentations from citizens, personnel or colleagues.
  12. Be concise. Recognizing that lengthy statement are occasionally needed to convey the passion and gravity of a Board member’s opinion, Board members should refrain from the consistent practice of taking more time to address an issue before the body than is necessary and essential for an adequate consideration of those matters being discussed.
  13. No money for speaking engagements. No exceptions.


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