Loudoun County Administrator, Attorney Get Raises

The Board of Supervisors approved raises for County Administrator Tim Hemstreet and County Attorney Leo Rogers during the final meeting of its term.

Hemstreet’s second raise of the year was a 6 percent “performance increase” to $243,646. He has enjoyed several raises since starting the job in 2009, at which time he was one of the lowest-paid county executives in the DC Metro area at $207,200.

Tim Hemstreet

“I think, collectively, we have all felt that the county administrator has done an excellent job serving the board of supervisors and the community,” County Chairman Scott K. York (R-At Large) said.

Rogers’s salary was raised by about 11 percent to $220,000. He also had a 3 percent raise in September, and started in 2014 at $192,200. Supervisors defended the raise as a “market correction.”

Leo Rogers

“When the board did the analysis of the other jurisdictions, we realized that our county attorney was quite dramatically underpaid compared to most comparable jurisdictions,” Supervisor Matt Letourneau (R-Dulles) said. The finance committee chairman said it was “far cheaper” to invest more heavily in current, performing personnel than to risk losing the county attorney.

“When we hired Mr. Rogers, we did not propose a salary that was really comparable with what is happening in the region,” York said.

Other county employees are granted raises depending on annual performance reviews. Employees rating from “Fully Successful” to “Outstanding” net raises from 2.75 to 4 percent. Employees who do not meet expectations are not eligible for raises.

Loudoun County estimates it is home to 363,524 people, more than doubling in population since 2000. The general county government has 3,025 FTEs, or full-time employee equivalents.

Fairfax County pays County Executive Edward Long $316,182 and its County Attorney David Bobzien $227,577. Long is responsible for 12,335 FTEs, and the county had an estimated population of 1,137,538 in 2014.

To the south, Prince William County pays County Executive Melissa Peacor $252,056 plus $9,000 deferred compensation; Peacor is at the end of her career and will retire next month. By contrast, Prince William County Attorney Michelle Robl, who started in the post Dec. 1, is paid $205,000 plus $10,000 deferred compensation and. Prince William County has an estimated population of 446,094 in 2014 and 4,378 FTEs.

Looking north, Frederick County, MD, pays Chief Administrative Officer Doug Browning $177,105 and its County Attorney John Mathias $182,956. Frederick County has 1,972 FTEs. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates Frederick County had a population of 243,675 in 2014.


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