Letter: Chris Stevenson, Purcellville

Editor: There has been much discussion in homes, at work, and in the news about how to beat the Islamic terrorist insurgency and to come off victorious in this new world war against the West, really against humanity itself. And there will be more debates in the future. I’d like to offer two perspectives which I believe will be necessary, each deeply rooted in the American story.

The first is personal, with broad implications. I should now more boldly live and proclaim my faith in Jesus of Nazareth who is, in the words of this faith, the light and life of the world. If all 220,000,000 Christians in the United States similarly recommit, and this in concert with the peaceful followers of all other faiths in America, the Islamic State’s sowing of darkness and death will stand out in full relief. The choice for the peoples of the world will be clear.

Second, in 1777, Thomas Jefferson declared that “Almighty God hath created the mind free.” This religious liberty, a precious founding principle of the United States and maybe our greatest invention and export, is in absolute conflict with the brutal religious coercion of the Islamic State. We must at all costs be true to this banner in word and deed.

In these two things we may invoke Abraham Lincoln’s “right makes might” doctrine. Complete fidelity to these principles will see us through the long night ahead.

Chris Stevenson, Purcellville


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