Puppy Kisses Help Foxcroft Students De-stress

What’s the best way to de-stress after a long day of studying for exams? Play with puppies, of course. That’s just what Foxcroft School students did Tuesday afternoon when six five-month-old American Foxhounds came to visit the girls’ boarding and day school in Middleburg.

On the day between classes ending and exams starting, Foxcroft students spend nearly every waking moment preparing for their end-of-semester exams.

“It can be pretty intense,” Cathrine Wolf, Foxcroft’s director of communications, said.

Enter Libby Gilbert and Julie Robards of the Middleburg Hunt, who brought the rambunctious Pilgrim, Pickle, Problem, Piper, Patty and Peaches to campus for what Wolf descried as “the best study break ever.” Dozens of girls took a few minutes between cramming to pet, hug and play with the puppies.

The puppy visit was the brainchild of Foxcroft’s Director of Admission and Financial Aid Gina B. Finn, a dog owner and mother of college-age children. Finn knew that “puppy rooms” have become increasingly popular at colleges and universities because the animals offer a much-needed break—and even a bit of free emotional therapy—to anxiety-ridden college students. Finn contacted Jeff Blue, joint master of the Middleburg Hunt, who was happy to coordinate the visit with Foxcroft School.

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