Purcellville Joins Adopt-a-Hydrant Program

The Town of Purcellville, the Purcellville Volunteer Fire Department and the Northern Virginia Regional Commission kicked off an online Adopt-a-Hydrant program.

Keeping fire hydrants clear during major snowstorms has long been a safety concern in town. The program allows residents, communities and businesses to “adopt” specific hydrants and commit to clearing around them during snowstorms.

Mayor Kwasi Fraser said the town looked forward to launching the program. NVRC Executive Director Mark Gibb said the commission was pleased to bring the program to the attention of all its member jurisdictions. “It is great that the Town of Purcellville will be moving forward with it,” he stated.

Purcellville Fire Chief Bob Dryden also endorsed the initiative.

“I am excited to be part of this pilot program that encourages community service to enhance the safety of the public during snow events,” he said in a statement. Establishing a good water supply as early as possible during a fire is critical, Dryden said, noting that delays in finding and uncovering hydrants significantly hamper firefighting activities.

Residents or businesses may sign up through an online form and adopt the hydrant nearest to them. To sign up, go to http://hydrant.adopt-a-thing.net/Purcellville_VA or, contact Purcellville Public Works Department Operations Coordinator Jennifer Noel at 540-338-7440 ext. 221, jnoel@purcellvilleva.gov.




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