York Recognized Across Region for Career Achievements

Outgoing Board of Loudoun County Chairman Scott K. York (R-At Large) was recognized Wednesday with a regional award for the “lasting legacies” of his career.

Heading to the annual meeting of the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, York didn’t know his colleague Supervisor Matthew F. Letourneau (R-Dulles) had nominated him for the Elizabeth and David Scull Award of Metropolitan Public Service, and he certainly didn’t know that the award committee had selected him.

The Scull Award is the MWCOG’s highest annual honor for elected officials, stretching back to the first award in 1982. In all that time, York is Loudoun County’s first winner.

Among other work, the MWCOG recognized plans to bring the Silver Line to Dulles Airport and Loudoun County as one of York’s legacies, and Letourneau laid credit for the metro expansion at York’s feet.

“The planning that the county has done started when Chairman York was on the planning commission,” Letourneau said. “To see something through over the course of your career, over 20 years, from a vision of ‘we want metro in Loudoun’ to actually executing it, is really remarkable.”

“It kind of reminds me of the old saying: behind every good man is a surprised mother-in-law,” York joked on the phone. “In this case, I’ve had an excellent complement of board members and staff members behind me. Good things have happened out here.”

Letourneau said York is distinguished by the respect he engenders among elected officials in other jurisidictions. York serves on MWCOG’s Board of Directors, the Virginia Association of Counties Board of Directors, as chairman of the Dulles Corridor Advisory Committee, as chairman of the finance committee of the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, and numerous other regional organizations. York began his government career as the Sterling District representative on the Loudoun County Planning Commission in 1992. He was elected to the Sterling District board seat in 1996 and was first elected chairman in 1999. He was this year defeated by Democratic challenger Phyllis Randall.

“When you talk to other elected officials in other jurisdictions, they all know Scott,” Letourneau said. “He has a reputation of being level-headed, reasonable, somebody that they can work with.”

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