Adopted Loudoun School Calendar Includes Another Pre-Labor Day Start

Students and school employees next year will start class before Labor Day, have a shorter winter break and end the year June 9.

Following the top pick of the majority of parents, teachers and students who weighed in, the Loudoun County School Board voted Tuesday to adopt “Calendar Option A” for the 2016-2017 school year.

The school year will start Aug. 29, 2016 and end June 9, 2017, with a winter break that is four days shorter than this school year’s. The winter break next school year will be from Dec. 22 to Jan. 2.

In all, the board considered three calendar options; all with a pre-Labor Day start. Option B would have given students a day off in January for staff development, and Option C would have shifted the winter holiday break one day to start Dec. 21 and end Jan. 2. View all three of the options here.

School leaders asked the residents which schedule they preferred in a survey made available from Oct. 28 through Nov. 13. Of the nearly 2,000 people who responded, 1,350—or 69 percent—backed Option A.

Public schools in Virginia don’t typically get the freedom to start their academic year before Labor Day because of the so-called “Kings Dominion Law.” Schools can get a waiver from the law if they tally enough snow days in previous years. Loudoun’s public schools met the requirement for the waiver by averaging eight snow days over the past five years.

2016-17 LCPS School Calendar

August 17-18 In-School Staff Development
August 19 Planning/Records/Conference Day
August 22-24 County-Wide Staff Development
August 25-26 Planning/Records/Conference Days
August 29 First Day of School
September 5 Holiday (Labor Day)
October 10 Holiday (Columbus Day)
November 4 End of the Grading Period
November 7-8 Student Holidays (Planning/Records/Conference Days)
November 23-25 Holiday (Thanksgiving)
December 22-January 2 Winter Break (Classes Resume January 3)
January 16 Holiday (Martin Luther King Jr. Day)
January 26 End of Grading Period
January 27 Moveable Student Holiday (Planning/Records/Conference Day)
February 20 Holiday (Presidents Day)
April 6 End of Grading Period
April 7 Student Holiday (Planning/Records/Conference Day)
April 10-14 Holiday (Spring Break)
May 30 Holiday (Memorial Day)
June 9 Last Day of School/End of Grading Period
June 12-13 Planning/Records/Conference Day

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